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Monday 20 August 2018
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List of Italian museums, devoted to the collection, public or private, of objects relative to one or more sectors of culture (including, in particular, by tradition, the art), science and technology.
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Villa Medicea della Petraia
Villa Medicea della Petraia - Florence (Tuscany)
- via della Petraia, 40

It is a few kilometers from the city center; the ancient fortified building, of which the great tower still remains, was enlarged towards the end of the sixteenth century to transform it into a grand-ducal residence and in the surrounding land ...

Museo Ugo Guidi
Ugo Guidi Museum - Vittoria Apuana / Forte dei Marmi (Tuscany)
Forte dei Marmi LU
- via M. Civitali, 33
- Vittoria Apuana

UGO GUIDI (1912-1977) - Sculptor In the 2005 on the occasion of Amico Museo - Spring Visits the Councilor for Culture of the Tuscany Region Mariella Zoppi proposes the inclusion of the home-atelier of Ugo Guidi within the program ...

Museo dell'Opificio delle Pietre Dure
Museum of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure - Specialized art museum in Florence (Tuscany)
Specialized artistic museum
- via degli Alfani, 78

Historical and artistic outline on the site: Ex-convent of nuns, from the end 700 hosts the art workshops for the works of hard stones transformed now in laboratories of restoration of the plastic arts (bronzes, stone, terracotta, goldsmiths, ...

Museo dell'Acqua e del Mulino
Museum of Water and the Mill - Caprese Michelangelo (Tuscany)
Caprese Michelangelo AR
- via del Capoluogo, 50

The Museo dell'Acqua e del Mulino is a small museum set up in the Capoluogo di Caprese Michelangelo. Born in the 2004 as an iconographic exhibition illustrating the hydraulic factories of the Singerna torrent valley, the ...

Museo della battaglia e di Anghiari
Battle and Anghiari Museum - Palazzo Marzocco in Anghiari (Tuscany)
Palazzo Marzocco
Anghiari AR
- Piazza Goffredo Mameli, 1

The Battle and Anghiari Museum is housed in the ancient Palazzo Marzocco, which owes its name to the statue that is placed in the corner, that is the Florentine Marzocco, symbol of popular sovereignty. It is the historical museum ...

Museo Archeologico Comunale di Artimino “Francesco Nicosia”
"Francesco Nicosia" Archaeological Museum of Artimino - Artimino / Carmignano (Tuscany)
Carmignano PO
- Piazza San Carlo, 3
- Artimino

The Municipal Archaeological Museum was founded in 1983 to host the most important excavated material found in the municipality of Carmignano. Expanded in two subsequent occasions, in 1987 and 1992, it has long been in the basement of ...

Galleria degli Uffizi
Uffizi Gallery - Florence (Tuscany)
- Loggiato degli Uffizi, 6

TIMES From Tuesday to Sunday, 8,15-18,50 hours Closed: every Monday, New Year, 1 May, Christmas. Uffizi Gallery, is one of the most famous and important art galleries in the world, with an incomparable collection ...

Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari dell'Alta Valle del Tevere
Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions of the Upper Tiber Valley - Palazzo Taglieschi in Anghiari (Tuscany)
Palazzo Taglieschi
Anghiari AR
- piazza Goffredo Mameli, 16

The Palazzo Taglieschi Museum is housed in a Renaissance building, composed of several medieval tower-houses, which once was the home of the Taglieschi, one of the most powerful families of Anghiari. From the 1975 the building ...

Casa Natale di Giacomo Puccini
Giacomo Puccini's Christmas House - Lucca (Tuscany)
- Corte San Lorenzo, 8

After a long period of closure, the Birthplace Museum of Giacomo Puccini of Lucca reopens Tuesday 13 September 2011. In the apartment on the second floor, located in the historic center of Lucca in the court of San Lorenzo 8, the composer was born the 22 ...

Museo d'Arte
Art Museum - Chianciano Terme (Tuscany)
Chianciano Terme SI
- viale della Libertà, 280

The Chianciano Terme Art Museum houses a series of collections ranging from Asian art to contemporary art. Works by artists such as Tom Nash, Frances Turner, Brian Willsher and Albert Louden, drawings by Tiepolo and the ...

Santa Maria della Scala
Santa Maria della Scala - Art Museum in Siena (Tuscany)
art museum
- Piazza del Duomo, 1

The Santa Maria della Scala, one of the oldest European hospitals, for some years has exhausted the traditional health functions and is currently the subject of an important recovery operation. The complex, which harmonizes well with ...

Museo delle Memorie e del Paesaggio nella Terra di Anghiari
Museum of Memories and the landscape in Anghiari Earth - Palazzo della Battaglia in Anghiari (Tuscany)
Palazzo della Battaglia
Anghiari AR
- piazza Mameli, 1

The center of the Museum System of Anghiari is identified in the Museum of Memories and Landscape in the Land of Anghiari located in the Palazzo del Marzocco. The building is owned by the State Property and is managed by the Municipality of ...

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