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Monday 20 August 2018
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Karst (natural caves).
On this page we present a selection of caves in Italy, from here you can directly access the details page.


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Grotta di Merlino
Grotta di Merlino - Arcidosso (Tuscany)
Arcidosso GR
- SS323 Amiatina

La Grotta di Merlino, located near San Lorenzo, is a cave that tradition wants to lead to the refuge of the famous wizard Merlino, even if other legends see it as the tomb of an Etruscan warrior, or hiding of a rebel ...

Grotta Grande dell'Argentarola
Grotta Grande dell'Argentarola - Marina di Sommerso in Isolotto dell'Argentaria / Monte Argentario (Tuscany)
Marine Cave Submerged
Monte Argentario GR
- Isolotto dell'Argentaria

Grotte Antro del Corchia
Caves Antro del Corchia - Levigliani / Stazzema (Tuscany)
Stazzema LU
- Levigliani

Grotta del Vento
Grotta del Vento - Vergemoli / Fabbriche di Vergemoli (Tuscany)
Fabbriche di Vergemoli LU
- Vergemoli