Piedmont: Lakes and other "wetlands"

Monday 20 August 2018
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Wetlands, Piedmont


On this page we present a list of wetlands on the region Piedmont.
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On this page we present a list of "Wetlands"Concerning Italian regions, Of which we present some info accompanied by preview.

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Lago di Bertignano
Lake Bertignano - Piedmont
- Piedmont

Lake Bertignano is a small lake basin located at 377 m high in a homonymous hamlet in Northeast of Viverone, Piedmont. ...

Lago di Devero
Lake devero - Piedmont
- Piedmont

Lago del Bianco
White Lake - Piedmont
- Piedmont

It is a small lake of glacial origin located above the beautiful plain of Pian dul Scricc; Its peculiarity lies in the rocks ...

Lago d'Avino
Lago d'Avino - Piedmont
- Piedmont

It is located in a basin at the foot of the eastern slope of Monte Leone strongly shaped by the glaciers as evidenced by the rocks, the ...

Lago Pistono
Lake PIstono - Piedmont
- Piedmont

Lake Pistono, or Lake Montalto, is a Canavese lake located near Ivrea and belonging to the municipality of Montalto Dora. IS ...

Lago Serrù
Lake Serrù - Piedmont
- Piedmont

Lago Sruer
Lake Sruer - Piedmont
- Piedmont

Lago Santanel
Lake Santanel - Piedmont
- Piedmont

Lago Creus
Lake Creus - Piedmont
- Piedmont

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