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Monday 20 August 2018
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baths and spa treatments

Thermal Spa - SPA in Piedmont

baths and spa treatments
Le Terme (also called "Spa" or "Spa") are buildings, public or private, located at the hot springs, and equipped with facilities for the administration of both academic and alternative medical therapies (wellness centers and spa treatments).

In questa pagina Vi presentiamo una selezione di “Centri di cura termale” del Piemonte, da cui potete accedere direttamente alle scheda di presentazione individuale.

Hot springs in the Piedmont

From sulfur to bicarbonate, from the radioactive trace elements, the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters of Piedmont are known since antiquity.

From the second century BC, the Romans frequented Acqui Terme, which maintains the ancient ruins and urban spa; the Savoy, in the second half of the '500 realized the center of Valdieri and in the eighteenth century they destined part of the baths of Vinadio army; Lurisia knew his reputation over the years' 40 thanks to the therapeutic qualities of its water waste.

Today Piedmont boasts extensive spa offer, spread over the whole territory and identifiable in four positions: Acqui Terme in the province of Alessandria, Agliano Terme in the province of Asti, Garessio, Lurisia, Valdieri and Vinadio in the province of Cuneo, Bognanco, Crodo in the province of Verbania.

Spas of Piedmont are frequented throughout the year not only for the healing properties of the water, but also because they have become tourist destinations whose attractiveness is increasingly diverse.

Immersed in an environment of relaxation and well-being, you have the opportunity to experience the other riches of the territory: the food and wine served in restaurants, taverns and country fairs, art and architecture of historic centers, from landscapes and hilly for nature lovers and hiking, hospitality in comfortable hotels, bed & breakfasts and historic homes.

There are about 250 thousand annual visitors of spas in Piedmont, of which 10% are foreigners.

These numbers underscore the importance of investing in this sector.
And it is for this reason that the Region Piemonte, through concrete actions, has pursued a policy aimed at making attractive spas, as well as those in need of care, including the family that wants to spend a holiday in a relaxing environment, the sportsman at the end a day on the slopes or hiking outdoors, business men, who want to combine work and welfare.


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Terme di Vinadio
Vinadio - thermal spa center with Hotel & Restaurant in Bagni di Vinadio / Vinadio (Piedmont)
Thermal center with Hotel & Restaurant
Vinadio CN
- fraz. Bagni di Vinadio, 2
- Bagni di Vinadio

The thermal baths - The Vinadio spa is located within a territory rich in natural beauties and cultural testimonies: the real pride of this glimpse of the province of Cuneo, are the thermal baths, a complex of exceptional value, ...

Stabilimento termale Nuove Terme
Nuove Terme spa - Spa Centre in Acqui Terme (Piedmont)
Acqui Terme AL
- via XX Settembre, 5

History as a spa town of Acqui starts from far away: the ancient center in Bormida Valley, situated between the hills of Monferrato in the province of Alessandria, was already known in pre-Roman times by the name of ...

Hotel Terme di Monte Valenza
Hotel Terme di Monte Valenza - Hotel with pool and restaurant - thermal sources in Montevalenza / Valenza (Piedmont)
Hotel with pool and restaurant - thermal sources
Valenza AL
- via Fontana, 13
- Montevalenza

Set in a garden, in 5 km from the center of the Terme Di Monte Valenza Valenza it offers air-conditioned and offers free access to a swimming pool, private parking and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Featuring ...

Terme di Crodo
Terme di Crodo - Thermal Centre in Molinetto / Crodo (Piedmont)
Thermal Centre
Crodo VB
- Campari - Crodo
- Molinetto

Located at the foot of Mount Cistella, in the middle of an Alpine area wild and unspoiled, with thick forests and large pastures, Terme di Crodo were already known in 1500, as witnessed on the writings of the Statutes of the Valley ...

Terme di Lurisia
Terme di Lurisia - Spa Treatments - Wellness Centre in Lurisia / Roccaforte Mondovi (Piedmont)
Spa treatments - Fitness center
Roccaforte Mondovì CN
- via delle Terme, 60
- Lurisia

The spa - The life of a gushing fountain, situated right in the middle of a flowerbed traffic island surrounded by nature, welcomes anyone who ventures to 700 meters Lurisia, coming from Cuneo as Mondovi. In the background a valley ...

Terme di Agliano - Fons Salutis
Terme di Agliano - Fons Salutis - Spa and Wellness Center in Agliano Terme (Piedmont)
Spa and Wellness Center
Agliano Terme AT
- via alle Fonti, 133

The City of Agliano is located a few kilometers from Asti, in one of the most stunning locations in the Piedmont region, located between the Langhe and Monferrato, the spas are modern and well equipped, and offer the possibility ...

Terme Reali di Valdieri
Terme Reali di Valdieri - Thermal Centre in Valdieri (Piedmont)
Thermal Centre
Valdieri CN
- via Terme, 1

The Royal Baths of Valdieri are located in the center of the Argentera Natural Park, in the upper Gesso Valley, since the 16th century a place of residence for the Italian Royals. The main characteristic of the baths are sulphurous algae, grown on ...

Terme di Garessio
Terme di Garessio - Spa-Center in Garessio (Piemonte)
Garessio CN
- via al Santuario

Garessio is a place to stay and resort renowned for its ideal geographical location, located halfway between the sea and the mountains: the spas Fonti San Bernardo is located at the homonymous hill and ...

Terme di Premia
Baths of Premia - Premia Thermal Centre (Piedmont)
Thermal Centre
Premia VB
- frazione Cadarese, 46

Medical Spas A 800 m altitude is just 20 km from the international train station of Domodossola, Premia is becoming the most important spa of the High Piedmont. It is in fact completed the construction a ...

Terme di Bognanco
Terme di Bognanco - Spa - Wellness Centre in Bognanco (Piedmont)
Spa - Health club
Bognanco VB
- piazzale Rampone, 10

Surrounded by chestnut and fir trees, immersed in the green valley watered by the stream Bogna, Terme di Bognanco can count on an unspoilt mountain landscape and a favorable climate situation, given the 700 m ...

Stabilimento termale Regina
spa Regina - Spa in Acqui Terme Centre (Piedmont)
Acqui Terme AL
- Zona Bagni (nel parco)