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Sunday July 22 2018
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Province of Pistoia

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- 20 Italian municipalities
- Population: 291.839 inhabitants
- Surface: 964,94 sq km
- Density: 302 inhabitants per square km

Pistoia is one of the least explored of the destinations most visited region in the world: Tuscany.
The region has all the features, art, nature, wellness, spas, mountains, culture, history, crafts and cuisine: all compared to a human scale, where every tourist is a guest, the tradition of hospitality is combined with the authenticity of the area and of its people, that welcomes everyone but does not renounce its innate and spontaneous personality.
The poet Gabriele D'Annunzio called the city "harsh Pistoia", In homage to the history of the city, and the fiery character and the blood of its inhabitants.
Who knows, knows how this description is true even today.
It is almost impossible to think that a small portion of the world focus so many vocations tourist, and is able to meet the athlete and scholar, the child and the older person, the nature lover and the avid spa; and many others.
For all its visitors there is a solution and an offer of hospitality.
It is a part of Tuscany unique, positioned close to the Apennines and easy to access, directly connected to Pratospan> and Firenze westward, with Lucca e Pisa towards the East, by means of roads and railways that cross almost horizontally.
The area is enclosed in a sort of large pentagon whose ideals rays inside the main roads, connecting roads that trace their origins in the thousands of years of history.
The city of Pistoia e Montecatini Terme, Due to their strategic location, are the "doors" to access the other attraction of the area:
Monsummano Terme and the Montalbano (Area called "Le Colline di Leonardo" on the road to Vinci, Birthplace of the Tuscan genius);
Pescia, Dominated by the verdant valleys of Svizzera Pesciatina e Collodi, Country of origin of the mother of Carlo Lorenzini, the author of Pinocchio;
• The Montagna Pistoiese and its forests, with Footstep towards Modena and Via Porrettana, to Bologna;

distances from Pistoia
Firenze 42 Km (A11)
Lucca 43 Km (A11)
Pisa 68 Km (A11 - A12)
Livorno 88 Km (A11 - A12)
Siena 110 Km (A11 - A1 - fitting)
Arezzo 115 Km (A11 -A1)
Grosseto 180 Km (A11)
Viareggio 72 Km (A11)
Forte dei Marmi 80 Km (A11)
Massa 88 Km (A11)

List of Municipalities of the Province:

Abetone Cutigliano
Chiesina Uzzanese
Massa e Cozzile
Monsummano Terme
Montecatini Terme
Pieve a Nievole
PISTOIA (Capoluogo)
Ponte Buggianese
Sambuca Pistoiese
San Marcello Piteglio
Serravalle Pistoiese

Province of Pistoia

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