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Sunday July 22 2018
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On this page we present a selection of our wine producers to Vignale Monferrato that may help you to program a "Wine Tour".
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Azienda Agricola Canato Marco
Azienda Agricola Canato Marco - Wineries - Wine, Vignale Monferrato (Piedmont)
Wine production - Cellars
Vignale Monferrato AL
- Ca' Baldea, 18/2

The farm Canato is placed on the hills of Vignale Monferrato. At its foot lies the ancient Fons Salera, famous in his time for ...

Food & Wine a Vignale Monferrato

Vini: aziende enologiche / cantine
Agriturismo e “Country house”

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Amelio Livio
Amelio Livio - Wine Company in Grana (Piedmont)
Wine company

Grana AT
(8,2 Km. From Vignale Monferrato)

Il Girapoggio
The Girapoggio - Wine Company in Verrua Savoia (Piedmont)
Wine company

Verrua Savoia TO
(26,7 Km. From Vignale Monferrato)

Ribaldone Marco
Ribaldone Marco - Wineries - Winery in Gavonata / Cassine (Piedmont)
Wine production - Cellar

Cassine AL
- Gavonata
(28,5 Km. From Vignale Monferrato)

Stefano Rossotto
Stefano Rossotto - Wine Company in Cinzano (Piedmont)
Wine company

Cinzano TO
(38,7 Km. From Vignale Monferrato)