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Province of Alessandria

On this page we present a selection of Feasts and Festivals Piedmont taking place in the province of Alessandria, From which you can directly access the details page.
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Festa di San Cristoforo
Fubine Monferrato AL
patronal feast

Event Period:
26 July
"MAGNO FUBINAE GAUDENT HONORE SANCTO CHRISTOFORO PROTECTOR" ("Fubine enjoys a great honor as San Cristoforo the protector") is the motto created towards the 1925 ...

Sagra del Cinghiale
Morbello AL
- Piazza

Event Period:
On the hills, rich in chestnut and oak trees, between Ovada and Acqui Terme, Morbello offers its visitors the "Wild Boar Festival" in the area that is now recognized for the skill ...

Festa delle Castagne
Cartosio AL

Event Period:
The second Sunday of October. Cooking and distribution of roasted chestnuts in the morning and entertainment for the rest of the day.

Gavi Città Aperta
Gavi AL

Event Period:
The association Amici del Forte of Gavi, the Municipality and the Pro Loco organized the Gavi Città open event during which the architectural and artistic heritage of Gavi ...

Medioevo - Apertura Castello e Parco Medievale
Morbello AL

Event Period:
Opening to the public of Morbello Castle and the Medieval Park on May 6 2012 from 14,30 hours at 19,00 with characters in medieval costume. The visitor will be taken to a ...

Anno Domini 1250 - Assalto al Castello
Morbello AL
- Piazza
VI Review

Great Medieval Festival at the Castle and the Medieval Park Morbello (AL) starting Saturday June 23 2012 from 15,00 hours at 23,00 and Sunday June 24 2012 from 10,00 hours at ...

Sagra dei Salamini d'Asino
Predosa AL
- Castelferro

Event Period:
The POL M. Denegri organizes the "Festival of the Donkey Salami" in Castelferro (AL). In addition to traditional sausages menu includes dishes such as roast and stew ...

Festa del Vino del Monferrato
Casale Monferrato AL

Event Period:
Now in its 49 edition, the festival has the ambition to celebrate the Monferrato casalese and its agricultural product prince: wine. The event is not a mere ...

Scorribanda Cassinese
Cassine AL
Festival of ravioli

Event Period:
Every year on the third weekend of June there is the Scorribanda Cassinese, musical bands and folk groups festival, which is combined with a culinary event called Festival of ...

Fiera Nazionale del Tartufo - Trifola d'Or
Murisengo AL
In the square trifolau, wine and food producers and artisans of old shops

Event Period:
Murisengo, better known as Terra del Tartufo, is back to celebrate Sunday 10 and 17 November the autumn appointment among the most anticipated of the Piedmontese truffle season. Two dates ...

Mostra Mercato del Tartufo
San Sebastiano Curone AL
An event to raise awareness of the production of white truffles and blacks of the Lands of Gia

Event Period:
The Truffle Market Exhibition, National Fair, is held every year on the third Sunday of November. The intent now pursued by 29 years is that of an event aimed at making known ...

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