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Monday 20 August 2018
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86100 Campobasso
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General Information

Nation: Italy
capital City: Campobasso
2 provinces
136 Municipality
surface: 4.409,41 sq km
Population: 309.795 inhabitants
Density: 70 inhabitants per square km

Molise is a region of southern Italian ordinary status with capital Campobasso.

Borders Abruzzo to the north, Lazio to the west, the southwest Campania, Puglia southeast, and is washed by the Adriatic Sea to the east.
Until 1963, formed along the Abruzzo region "Abruzzi and Molise".
Apart from Campobasso, the centers of greater importance are Termoli, Isernia and Venafro.

Second smallest region in Italy after the Valle d'Aosta, its surface is divided almost equally between mountainous areas, the 55,3% of the territory, and hilly areas, the 44,7% of the territory.
The mountainous area extends between the Apennines of Abruzzo and the Apennines Sunni.
The Monti della Meta (2241 m) form the meeting point of the boundary line between the Molise, Abruzzo and Lazio, then there are the Matese Mountains, which run along the border with Campania and reach 2050 meters with Mount Miletto.
To the east, the area of ​​the Sub (mountains Frentani) slopes down to the sea with very steep hills and rounded shapes.

The flat areas are few and small, the main ones are the plain of Bojano Molise in central and west the plain of Venafro.
The Mouth of Forli, or Pass of Rionero, (891 m) conventionally marks the geographical boundary between central Italy and southern Italy.

The climate is Mediterranean, especially along the coasts, with generally cool and rainy winters and hot summers.
On the coast the climate is milder, as you proceed to the inside becomes cooler and the temperatures drop considerably.
The summer is more pleasant on the coast where often blow breezes that make it sweet warm months.

For 35 km Molise is wet from the Adriatic Sea.
Major resorts and resort are Termoli, Campomarino and Petacciato: centers equipped with every comfort and with long beaches.
The coast is low and sandy except for the promontory of Termoli, whose shelter was built the artificial harbor where boats leave for the Tremiti Islands and Croatia; along the coast there are also some bands flat, wide no more than a few kilometers.
The formation of coastal dunes caused the stagnation of the waters of the rivers with the consequent formation of marshes, for some time, however, eliminated by land reclamation.

Molise is mainly composed of small municipalities, many of which do not exceed the 1.000 residents.
The most important common for population structure, social and economic are: Campobasso, Termoli, Isernia and Venafro.
Landmarks are also territorial municipalities of Larino, Bojano and Agnone.

The natural environment intact and the absence of pollution are strong reasons of attraction, particularly in beach resorts and pleasant holiday which Termoli, Campomarino, and also for landmarks such as mountain Campitello Matese, Capracotta, and the "Park Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. "
Nevertheless, the region is always last in the charts do.

Molise spread religious and not, as the festivals that each country sets up especially during the summer.
Religious feeling is cultivated with processions, such as the Good Friday of Campobasso and Isernia with the parade of hooded, the Festival of the Mysteries of Campobasso, the race of St. Basso in Termoli, the solemn procession of San Nicandro in Venafro, characterized the singing of the hymn, the procession of Capracotta in honor of Our Lady of Loreto every three years, the festival of the wheat in honor of St. Anne in Jelsi, the feast in honor of Santa Cristina Sepino, the parade of San Pardo Larino, the Carrese San Leo in San Martino in Pensilis in low Molise.

From the standpoint folk we note the Festival of bagpipes of Bachelors, the Eddie Lang Jazz Festival which takes place at the castle of Monteroduni Pignatelli, the truffle in Miranda, the grape festival in Riccia, "gl'Cierv ' "Rocchetta a Volturno, and Dancing Bear Jelsi.

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