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Monday 20 August 2018
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Via Massara, 2
88100 Catanzaro
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General Information

Nation: Italy
capital City: Catanzaro
5 provinces
405 Municipality
surface: 15.056,70 sq km
Population: 1.964.183 inhabitants
Density: 130 inhabitants per square km

Calabria (Calàbbria in Calabria) is a region in southern Italy over 2 million inhabitants, with capital Catanzaro.

It is bordered to the north by the Basilicata.

It is the southernmost region of the Italian peninsula, south-west arm of the sea separating the region of Sicily.

The region forms the tip of the boot, Is bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west, to the east by the Ionian Sea, to the north-east by the Gulf of Taranto and south-west it is separated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina, where the minimum distance between Cape Pelorus in Sicily and Punta Pezzo in Calabria is only 3,2 km, due to the link between the deep geologic this Aspromonte massif and the chain of Peloritans.

The Calabrian gulfs are:
- The Gulf of Corigliano that, in fact, is part of the broader Gulf of Taranto.
- The Gulf of Gioia Tauro, located on the Tyrrhenian coast.
- The Gulf of St. Eufemia, located on the Tyrrhenian coast.
- The Gulf of Squillace, located on the Ionian coast.

Calabria has a hilly surface, which extends to the 49,2% of its territory.

It has extensive mountainous areas covering 41,7% of its territory:
- To the north the southern slope of the Pollino massif on the border with Basilicata.
- In the north-east, the Coast Range (Paolana or chain) that stretches between the Tyrrhenian coast and the deep river valleys of the crater and Savuto that separate it from the Sila.
- In north-central Sila, a vast plateau with forests of conifers and deciduous trees that stretches south to all'insellatura Marcellinara.
- Below the isthmus of Marcellinara begin the Calabrian Serre, that go with a double alignment mountain until it joins directly with the Aspromonte; the highest peak of the Serre, Monte Pecoraro, reaches 1420 m.
- From the plains of St. Eufemia and Gioia Tauro stands the group of Mount Poro (710 m).
- Finally, to the south rises the plateau of Aspromonte whose highest peak, the Montalto (or upstream Cocuzza) reaches 1955 m.

The plains cover the 9% of its territory and they are all small extension.
Among the most important ones, starting from the north:
- On the Tyrrhenian coast, the plain of Scalea, that of St. Eufemia (Lamezia or), and the Plain of Gioia Tauro (also known as Rosario), which is also the largest.
- On the Ionian coast, the Plain of Sybaris, one of Crotone and, finally, that of Locri.

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