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Sunday July 22 2018
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Ortisei (BZ)

Val Gardena

number Population : 4.821 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 1.234 mt.
Sq km area. : 24,30
name of the inhabitants : ortiseiani or Gardena


Local language name: St. Ulrich

Municipal offices / Town hall:
- Mayor Ortisei and city administration
- Registry office - Technical Office - Cadastre IMU TASI
- City Council - Data elections

Tax code : 00232480210
Postal Code : 39046
Istat code : 021061
Cadastral code : G140

City Hall Address
Via Roma, 2

Useful Numbers
+39 0471 796121
+39 0471 797700

Email PEC:
Institutional website -

Map of Ortisei

Map / How to get there:
GPS / Geographic coordinates of Ortisei
46°34'32.34" N
11°40'18.19" E

Seismic and climatic classification
• Seismic classification updated in March 2015. (Source: Civil protection)
• "Climate zones" and "day grades" by: Table A attached to the DPR 412 / 93 updated at 31 October 2009. (Source: Authorities for electricity gas and water system)

Seismic zone
Climate zone
Degrees day
info Ortisei: IMU - TASI - TARI 2018
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City of Ortisei (Province of Bolzano - Italy)

Ortisei is a wholly mountain town of 4.821 inhabitants, located 1.234 meters above sea level in the Province of Bolzano, its territory covers an area of ​​24,30 sq km.

Ortisei (German St. Ulrich - lad. Urtijëi) is a municipality in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.
The name is attested as Ortiseit in 1288 and is derived from the Latin urticetum ( "place of nettles"). The German name Sankt Ulrich is documented by the 1366 and is the Germanized version of the local patron Saint Ulrich. [1]
Ortisei is the main village of Val Gardena.
Its population is predominantly native speakers of Ladin, as well as other common 7
The settlement goes from the valley to the slopes of Mount Rasciesa (2.282 m) and is located on the right bank of the Rio Gardena (ted. Grödner Bach - lad. Derjon or Ruf de Gherdëina), flowing from east to west and flows in Ponte Gardena (Waidbruck) nell'Isarco (Eisack).
It is bordered on the east by Santa Cristina Val Gardena (St. Christina - S. crest), and the aforementioned Rio Gardena, south, on the left bank, is Oltretorrente (German Überwasser - lad.Sureghes), a fraction of the common Ladin Castelrotto (Kastelruth - Ciastel) and west borders the Poststeig.
Ortisei is achieved by Eisacktal (Eisacktal) coming from Ponte Gardena (Waidbruck) on ss. 242 or (at the junction of 242) from Chiusa (Klausen), where is the exit of the highway A22.
The local economy is mainly based on winter tourism, and (to a lesser extent) summer. Known and ancient tradition is the craft of woodcarving.
The 1236 m asl of Ortisei represent the ideal altitude for winter and summer holidays. This town with its old and solid mercantile tradition and rich history and is characterized by the airiness of its urban plan that blends harmoniously into the landscape. The center, with its pedestrian zone, is a meeting place, to talk and shop. From here you can stroll through the woods in search of some old farm.
With a cable car you can reach the Plateau of Siusi (Seiser Alm - Mont Seuc), another with the Seceda. A chairlift takes you to Rasciesa - Raschötz. Other lifts serve only ski slopes and are therefore closed during the summer. The Alpe di Siusi cable car is also renowned for the event Val Gardena Sky Dinner, an 'elegant gourmet dinner, served in individual cabins, allowing ca. 120 diners to enjoy spectacular views along with lavish creations.
A walk, covering the old railway Chiusa-Val Gardena, connecting the country with Santa Cristina Val Gardena (St. Christina - S. crest).

to visit:
villages and localities of the City of Ortisei

Pra, Rainelles, San Giacomo

The City of Ortisei It is part of:

Val Gardena
Comunità Montana Comunita‘ Comprensoriale Valle Salto Sciliar

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