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Monday 20 August 2018
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Republic Square is a square in the historic center of Florence rectangular great about 75 100 m to m, among the largest in Italy.
It is the best known result (according to some sadly known) era of the "cleansing", when it was redefined urban planning of the city following the establishment of the capital of the Kingdom of Italy in Florence (from the 1865 1871).
The current appearance of the square is due to the urban interventions implemented following the proclamation of Florence, capital of Italy (1865-71).
In particular, the work at the Republic Square took place between 1885 and 1895.
That period, which upset the structure of much of the city center is known as the period of Risanamento, according to the celebrative terminology of the nineteenth century, while detractors are called more prosaically the city gutting.
The decision to expand the square resulted in the total destruction of buildings of great importance: the medieval towers, churches, the corporate headquarters of Arts, some palaces of noble families, as well as craft shops and homes.
The operation is presented as necessary to repair the hygienic and sanitary conditions of the area, but in reality it was mainly linked to building speculation and the will to legitimize the emerging bourgeois class, the protagonist of the Italian vicissitudes immediately following the Unity.
The city was in fact a huge loss, minimally compensated by the rescue of monuments such as the Loggia del Pesce of Vasari, who is disassembled and reassembled in Piazza dei Ciompi.
The appearance of the square before the nineteenth century demolitions is documented by prints, paintings and plastics in the Topographic Historical Museum of Florence as it was located in via dell'Oriuolo.
Many pieces of art and even architectural fragments nourished the antique market, and only a part of them were saved in the monastery of the San Marco Museum, while others returned to the city with donations such as those that allowed the establishment of the Bardini Museum and Of the Horne Museum.
Artists like Signorini portrayed with this melancholy part of the city that was disappearing.
In the 1888, after the demolition of the mall market, the Old Market Square was reopened with the Loggia, the Column of Abundance and the Church of Saint Thomas, but it was preferred to proceed with a dismantling radical.
The 20 September 1890, with shipyards still open to rebuild the palaces in the square, was inaugurated in the presence of the monument to King Vittorio Emanuele II on horseback, who gave his name to the square of the time.
An old photo from the inauguration day shows the square buildings still incomplete and covered by towels as fortune scenery for solemn civil ceremonies.
The statue, the work and celebratory rhetoric rather, did not like the Florentines, as evidenced by a pungent Vamba sonnet, who addressed him as Emanuele in sciorto body.
Today the statue stands in the square of the Cascine.
The buildings that were built in the new square, defined by Signorini bitterly crap, followed the eclectic fashion of the time and had been designed by architects then much in vogue: Vincenzo Micheli, Luigi Buonamici, Joseph Snitches.
Following this transformation, the square became a sort of "parlor" of the city; They went to the house since then mansions, luxury hotels, department stores and elegant cafes, including the famous Café The RCMP, meeting point and clash of writers and famous artists.
The arcades with the triumphal arch, called the "Arcone", were designed by Micheli and were inspired by the most noble Florentine Renaissance architecture, even if the modern additions made them far from the true ancient style.

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