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Sunday July 22 2018
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Basilica di Santa Trinita

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The Basilica of Santa Trinita is one of the most important basilicas in the evolution of artistic historic city of Florence; according to the Florentine use, which reflects the Latin pronunciation of the name, it has the characteristic pronunciation sdrucciola (Trìnita).
It overlooks the square of Santa Trinita and the name also to the nearby Santa Trinita bridge.
It was founded in the middle of the eleventh century by the monks of Vallombrosa, in a very sober Romanesque style, reflecting the austerity of the order.
Initially Matildina outside the city walls, it was later included in 1172-75.
On the internal counter they have been brought to light the signs of the ancient medieval structure along with a series of inscriptions and for the same period gravestones.
Of that period have been preserved also the crypt under the floor.
Its entrance is blocked by a grate; inside you can still see the ruins of columns in green marble that once it rose up on white marble bases.
The oldest of the chancel floor was a mosaic in black and white, with drawings of imaginary animals.
Finally, it is worth mentioning a school of Verrocchio Christ of polychrome terracotta.
It has a T-shape for the lack of apse, and expands on three naves separated by thin rectangular pillars of arches and vaults.
Between 1250 1258 and was rebuilt in the Gothic style, the first Florentine church to embrace the new style.
Among the architects involved is indicated Blacks Fioravanti, although it is not certain.
The plant was set up with three naves with pointed arches, vaults and pointed arches of the transept chapels lined the bottom and sides of the aisles.
The pillars of the nave differ slightly closer to the transept, creating an optical effect of the approach, but would probably not random, since even the heights of the arches undergo a similar increase.
The bell tower is devoid of its foundations, leaning on a side wall of the church; there is no way to join a religious building, but you have to climb up to the roof and from there go on to a narrow passage and a ladder.
Of note, set in the bell tower, a Madonna and Child in terracotta.

Photo by: Bethany Weeks

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Basilica di Santa Trinita
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