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Saturday July 21 2018
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It is a multimedia catalog for free inclusion
The data related to the cards present in the various sections can be inserted, changed, deleted, without any charge.
The access and navigation of the portal pages by users is totally free, there are no restricted areas, registration requirement or otherwise.

 How can I optimize my research on
The information is organized geographically and / or by category, and in some cases the possibility of getting crossed data,
example: from the board of a joint leads to information inherent in places, tourist facilities, historical areas, etc .. belonging to its territory.
example: from the board of a festival, the beach, etc ... you can be traced to the town board or other topics related to the same territory
example: from the cards of municipalities, places of interest, etc ... you can also access the map-map with direct location identification.
In there is also the search system offered by Google.

 Languages ​​Italy is only in Italian?
No, languages ​​Italy has now enabled a technology for the automated translation of the information entered in Italian.
The system translates and stores the translated pages, making them accessible to visitors at all times without having to repeat the translation, except when the information is updated.
The automated translation via software is not comparable to that performed by expert personnel, but allows to make understandable the content of the site.

 Tab of my structure is not active link to my site, why?
The service, in itself qualitatively complete, offers the possibility to carry out an elegant and exhaustive presentation of the tourist structure and the services offered, while giving the possibility to our users to be able to contact them by telephone directly without intermediaries. Some options (optional) can be activated upon request for a small annual fee, including: activation of the form that allows you to be contacted via e-mail, the link to the official website of the structure and the photo gallery.

 On I find some information, I can work with?
All cards are initially created to generate the interrogation codes and crossing data, they are then complemented by descriptive texts and any images placed in a special viewer. For the completion of these cards we rely also and especially to the collaboration of anyone who wants to help grow this our "project."
Users 'contributors' who will provide the material (description and images) for the complete presentation of a place, a municipality, a museum, a beach, etc ... can get to the bottom of the quote as an author: by text: ... with links to your card (if holder of a present structure of languages ​​Italy), or otherwise, to assume personal website so that more visibility to our users).

 I have some photographs that can be helpful, I can post them on languages ​​Italy?
If you followed the photographs that can be useful for completing data sheets of Tourism, you can publish it using the special control located inside of the card (button: camera).
It is a must that of those images you are the author / author or that it deteniate rights.
At collaborators users who provide images for the presentation of a location, a historic site, a church, a typical Italian food and wine products, etc ... it is recognized as a quote from author: Photo by ... in text mode so that it can be indexed and traced on search engines.

 I have a website, I can add it in
Tourism is made up of sheets of places, tourist facilities, dining info, etc ..
It is therefore not a directory of links, and the unofficial sites of the aforementioned fact sheets, even if they are not subject to the topics dealt with. Interested webmasters can contact to insert banners (for a fee) or other forms of collaboration to be evaluated each time.

 How can I enter information for a new card on
Sending data to the activation of a new board is via the wizard that takes away from this page.

 The data related to my structure and / or to a topic of interest to me are out of date.
From card interest you can access the procedure for updating data or inserting new images by operating the command post on the page.

 What type of data and / or materials is required to run a placement?


(Also: Museums, associations, local authorities, etc ...)


(Territory, What to see, Festivals, Food & Wine, etc ...)

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