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Sunday October 22 2017
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Province of Verona

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- 98 Italian municipalities
- Population: 920.158 inhabitants
- Surface: 3.121,30 sq km
- Density: 294 inhabitants per square km

Love, art, music, passion for good wine and good food: all this is Verona.
The province of Verona embodies places of astonishing beauty: the journey begins on the heights of Monte Baldo and Lessini Mountains, continues through the villages of Lake Garda and through the great valleys until the Po Valley.
Come and discover the wonders of Verona together with the people you love, you will also pleasantly surprised by the wide cultural offer that satisfies all tastes.
A varied landscape and rich in features: this is the Province of Verona in the eyes of those who visit.
A noble city of art, a lake of great charm, mountain ranges crossed by nature trails, green hills, picturesque villages and plains oasis silent contribute to make it unique and unforgettable.
The variety of cultural, natural and religious itineraries always gives the desire to go and food and wine of excellence satisfies even the most discerning palates with quality products: vegetables, fruits, olive oil, wine, rice, cheeses and pastries, recognized national and international level.
The local crafts is expressed in wrought iron and the wood through the renowned production of antique furniture.
A multiplicity of initiatives animate this land and make it vibrant and dynamic: folk festivals and major exhibitions, opera, drama, big concerts and typical markets merge from time to time the cult of tradition and folklore with the most absolute modernity and search d 'vanguard.
Sports and entertainment are at home in every corner of the region and a popular tradition of hospitality welcomes you in a unique way.

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Province of Verona

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