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Monday October 24 2016
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Museums and exhibitions in Puglia

List of Italian museums, devoted to the collection, public or private, of objects relative to one or more sectors of culture (including, in particular, by tradition, art), science and technology.
On this page we present a selection of exhibitions and museums Italian, From here you can directly access to the individual presentation.

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Museums in Puglia

c / o Castello di Barletta
Opening hours for visitors: daily (except Monday) lunch break from the 10.00 20.00 with ticket office closes at 19: 15 Closing day: ...
The cultural association Laportablu (which promoted the birth eponymous museum) aims to combine the development of cultural and art history of the area ...

The Shell Museum and the Coral is a seaside village a few kilometers from Otranto, Palmariggi, rightly considered one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. In the halls of a former ...
Lustrelle - Cutrofiano
The Fossil Park is located along the state road-Aradeo Cutrofiano at the intersection for Sogliano Cavour. It is housed in a former clay quarry in Lustrelle district, decommissioned at the end ...

c / o Palazzo della Marra
Opening hours for visitors: daily (except Monday) lunch break from the 10.00 20.00 with ticket office closes at 19: 15 Closing day: ...
Opening hours of study hall: Monday - Friday from h.08.30 h.18.45 to Saturday from h.08.30 to h.13.30

Jerome and Rosaria Devanna
The first National Gallery of Puglia, the result of a large donation to the state received in 2004 by Jerome and Rosaria Devanna, housed in the historic Palazzo Sylos Calo. The ...
The Museum of the Sugar Plum John Mucci is located in a old building stone building, in Liberty style, in Gammarrota, 12, owned by the family Mucci. In environments of ...

All'interno della Torre Campanaria della Basilica di San Nicola, sono raccolti oggetti di arte sacra: corone, reliquiari gotici, doni di sovrani russi e serbi ortodossi, smalti di fattura orientale ...
Aperto al pubblico nel 1962, prende il nome dal palazzo che lo ospita, il seicentesco palazzo Rogadeo, sede anche della Biblioteca Comunale. L'istituzione annovera materiale archeologico rinvenuto ...

Ruvo di Puglia
Situato nell'omonimo palazzo ottocentesco, è un'importante collezione riunita nell'800 che comprende materiali provenienti dalle necropoli dell'abitato peucèta e da altri centri della ...
The museum contains relics and weapons of WWII and exhibits a collection of paintings Tanzi, a painting by Piazza del Ferrarese, by Michele Pepe, some signed caricatures ...

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