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Sunday November 29 2015
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List of Italian museums, devoted to the collection, public or private, of objects relative to one or more sectors of culture (including, in particular, by tradition, art), science and technology.
On this page we present a selection of exhibitions and museums Italian, From here you can directly access to the individual presentation.

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- Bari (BA)
Located in the Castello Svevo of Frederick II, the fortress built by the Normans in the twelfth century and later enlarged by Frederick II, the gipsoteca retains ornamental plaster casts of sculptures outside and inside of the monumental buildings of religious and civil ...
- Andria (BT)
The Museum of the Sugar Plum John Mucci is located in a old building stone building, in Liberty style, in Gammarrota, 12, owned by the family Mucci. The rooms inside the various rooms are described by a path ...
- Altamura (BA)
The museum is housed in the Palazzo degli Studi and includes about 80.000 volumes, a large fund of incunabula and sixteenth century, an interesting historical archive, also houses paintings from the XVI-XVIII centuries and historical relics.

- Altamura (BA)
Established in 1980, it exhibits an exceptional collection of remains of peasant Alta Murgia. Keep household items, tools and agricultural pastoral referable to a period between the last ...

- Bari (BA)
The museum hosts relics and weapons of WWII and exhibits a collection of paintings by Tanzi, a painting of Piazza del Ferrarese, by Michele Pepe, caricatures signed Frate Menotti and Esperus. It is open to ...

- Altamura (BA)
The rich archaeological museum offers a panorama of the ancient civilizations that succeeded in that particular environment that is the Alta Murgia, inhabited since the Middle Paleolithic. Of singular ...

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Galleria Nazionale della PugliaJerome and Rosaria Devanna
Bitonto (BA)
Museo civicoc / o Castello di Barletta
Barletta (BT)
Museo Comunale Storico-
Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA)
Museo Diocesano-
Andria (BT)

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