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Monday June 25 2018
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Wine tourism in Lazio

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Tenimento Casamara di Basilio Ventura
Tenimento Casamara Basilio Ventura - Azienda Vinicola in Frascati (Lazio)
Frascati Roma
- via Colle Pizzuto, 104

The company is made up of two bodies: one of 5 hectares, where the old farmhouse is located, and one adjacent to 6 hectares. It is located on a hill about 280 meters above sea level with a view to 360 degrees ranging from Rome to all the hills ...

Monte Giove
Monte Giove - Azienda Agricola - Winery in Lanuvio (Lazio)
Agricola - Winery Company
Lanuvio Roma
- via Montegiove, 45

The company, organically grown, consists of a farm and a 16th century castle. of Monte Giove Corioli. It is located at 30 km from Rome on the slopes of the hills of the Castelli Romani, in an excellent panoramic position, ...

Belardi Maria Dolores
Belardi Maria Dolores - Farm - Cellar in Genzano di Roma (Lazio)
Agricola - Winery Company
Genzano di Roma Roma
- via della Resistenza, 39

In the approximately 80 square meters. in addition to the services available to visitors, there is also an area equipped for tastings and small snacks. At about 50 m. from the local there is the possibility to park cars and buses. The ...

Cantine Volpetti
Volpetti Cellars - Wine Company in Ariccia (Lazio)
Ariccia Roma
- via Nettunense, 21

The company offers visitors the opportunity to choose from a wide range of types of wines, from white, red and rosé, still and sparkling, to sparkling and new, also available in packs of various sizes. I'm ...

Azienda Agricola Casale della Ioria
Azienda Agricola Casale della Ioria - Winery in Anagni (Lazio)
Anagni FR
- contrada La Gloria

It is located in the heart of the production area of ​​Cesanese del Piglio, a land dedicated to viticulture for centuries, so much so that it is impossible to trace the date of purchase of the original company nucleus. The culture of wine has always been a ...

Riserva della Cascina
Cascina reserves - Organic Farm - Cellar in Ciampino (Lazio)
Organic Farm - Cellar
Ciampino Roma
- via F.lli Wright, 12

The company, located just 16 km from the Campidoglio, is located within the Appia Antica Regional Park, immersed in a historic context of primary importance, to which is added the splendid landscape of the Castles ...

Wine & Products of Rome
Wine & Products of Rome - Consortium Wine Companies in Genzano di Roma (Lazio)
Consortium Winery
Genzano di Roma Roma
- via della Selva, 74

At the gates of Rome unfolds the romantic area of ​​the Colli Lanuvini, dotted with villas, woods, gardens, and ancient ruins. Here the wine is home since time immemorial. These mountains that rise to the southeast of the city ...

Francesca Cardone Donati
Francesca Cardone Donati - Winery in Colonna (Lazio)
Colonna Roma
- via del Teatro Vecchio, 10

This historic company is a reference point of great interest for wine tourists looking for high quality local products. The company's activity includes production / cultivation, winemaking and ...

Cantina Villafranca
Cantina Villafranca - Azienda Vinicola in Albano Laziale (Lazio)
Albano Laziale Roma
- via Villafranca, 14

The company, which can be accessed via a tree-lined avenue, is a newly built facility that can be easily identified from the outside and has ample space for coach stops. Two employees are available ...

Principe Pallavicini
Principe Pallavicini - Winery in Colonna (Lazio)
Colonna Roma
- via Casilina, km. 25,500

The ancient Pallavicini family, present in Lazio since the second half of the 1600, confuses its history with that of the Region in the most varied fields such as painting, architecture and not least in the wine sector in which ...

Casale Vallechiesa
Casale Vallechiesa - Farm - Winery in Frascati (Lazio)
Agricola - Winery Company
Frascati Roma
- via Pietra Porzia, 19/23

The company is located in the production area of ​​Frascati, on the slopes of the hills that extend to the gates of Rome. Of medium size, the company has been recently renovated while respecting the architectural criteria ...

La Selvina
The Selvina - Farm - Winery in Monte Porzio Catone (Lazio)
Agricola - Winery Company
Monte Porzio Catone Roma
- via Selve di Mondragone, 10/a

The company buildings are located on the outskirts of Frascati and Monte Porzio Catone from where you can enjoy an excellent panoramic view of Rome. It has a large wooded parking lot. During the visit, even in English, it is possible ...

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