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Sunday June 24 2018
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Wetlands, Italy


On this page we present a list of wetlands on the region Italy.
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On this page we present a list of "Wetlands"Concerning Italian regions, Of which we present some info accompanied by preview.

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Found 332 wetlands in Italy

Zone Umide di Mistras
Wetlands of Mistras - Italy
- Sardinia

Salty lagoon that communicates with the sea in the Gulf of Oristano through a large mouth. It is a very important site for the stopover of many ...

Lago di Garda
Lake Garda - Italy
- Veneto
- Lombardy
- Trentino Alto Adige

Lake Garda or Benaco, is the largest Italian lake, with an area of ​​approximately 370 km & sup2 ;. Hinge between three regions, Lombardy, Veneto ...

Lago Trasimeno
Lake Trasimeno - Italy
- Umbria

Harmony and sweetness among the lake, villages and hills Sweet hills typical of the Umbrian-Tuscan border, and eight suggestive villages, the one ...

Diga di Flumineddu
Flumineddu Dam - Italy
- Sardinia

The lake is located in the area halfway between Seui and Ulassai, to reach the barrier instead you have to walk through the ...

Laguna di Santa Gilla
Laguna di Santa Gilla - Italy
- Sardinia

Of over 1.500 hectares of overall extension of the lagoon, an area of ​​approximately 150 hectares falls in the territory of Assemini, which ...

Lago di Gusana
Lake Gusana - Italy
- Sardinia

The artificial lake of Gusana, built at the beginning of the 60 years by shutting off the Aratu torrent with an imposing high arch wall of 88 ...

Lago d'Avino
Lake Avino - Italy
- Piedmont

It is located in a basin at the foot of the eastern slope of Monte Leone strongly shaped by the glaciers as evidenced by the rocks, the ...

Salina di Cervia
Salina di Cervia - Italy
- Emilia Romagna

The salt can be visited by following different itineraries: the naturalistic, the productive and the historic ones. The routes originate ...

Lago di Pietra del Pertusillo
Lake of Pietra del Pertusillo - Italy
- Basilicata

Lake Pertusillo is an artificial lake located in the territory of the municipalities of Grumento Nova, Montemurro and Spinoso. The lake ...

Laghi d'Averno e di Lucrino
Lakes of Winter and Lucrino - Italy
- Campania

Hercules, after stole the oxen at Gerione, made them pass on a tongue of land built by himself on the sea, thus isolating the waters of the ...