Italy: Lakes and other "wetlands"

Wednesday October 18 2017
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Italy - wetlands
Wetlands, Italy


On this page we present a list of wetlands on the region Italy.
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On this page we present a list of "Wetlands"Concerning Italian regions, Of which we present some info accompanied by preview.

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Found 331 wetlands in Italy

Lake Beauregard - Italy
Valle d'Aosta
The valley of Valgrisenche is rich in water: everywhere you can admire waterfalls, streams and alpine lakes. This heritage has led to ...

Santa Lucia Dam - Rio Sa Teula - Italy
Located in the territory of Villagrande Strisaili in the province of Ogliastra, the Santa Lucia dam is the most important barrier on the Rio ...
Isollaz Waterfall - Italy
Valle d'Aosta
The Evançon stream reached Challand-Saint-Victor, near the Targnod hamlet, slides between high rock walls ...

Dam of Barroccus - Riu San Sebastiano - Italy
The Barroccus Dam is approximately 3 Km from the Isili town, the invasion has a capacity of approximately 12,240 mln of cubic meters of water for ...

Lago di Liscia - Italy
Located in the territory of the municipality of Luras, it is of great importance since it provides water to the territory of Olbia. It has a capacity ...
Pond of Staini Saliu - Italy
The pond of Staini Saliu, is a wetland located in southern Sardinia in the territory of the municipality of Serdiana. In periods ...

Lakes of Winter and Lucrino - Italy
Hercules, after stole the oxen at Gerione, made them pass on a tongue of land built by himself on the sea, thus isolating the waters of the ...
Lake Turano - Italy
Lake Turano is an artificially created lake on the edge of the Monte Navegna and Monte Cervia nature reserves in the province of Rieti, in the ...

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