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Monday December 18 2017
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A beautiful day, good company and the many itineraries for easy walks and excursions are at the base to discover and admire fully the most beautiful sights of the area.

On this page we present a selection of organizations and individual operators for guided tours, from which you can directly access the details page.
From the menu, select a province, you get a list of Organizers and Hiking in its territory.

Some options for your holiday
Found 86 Trekking / Excursions in Italy

Barbagia No Limits
Barbagia No Limits - Excursions, in Gavoi (Italy)
Gavoi NU
- via Cagliari, 85

Since 1990 our passion for the natural environment, trekking and all outdoor activities made us travel hundreds of ...
Campobase - Excursions and Trekking, in Salerno (Italy)
Hiking & Trekking
Salerno SA
- via Clark Generale

Campobase brainchild of Stefano Prota, mountain guide, sport and rescue master instructor. It 'a unique catalog of outdoor activities ...

Happy Tour in Sardinia
Happy Tour in Sardinia - Excursions in Sardinia, in Pauli Arbarei (Italy)
Excursions in Sardinia
Pauli Arbarei CI
- via Trieste, 10

Happy Tour in Sardinia was born with the aim to let everyone know about the most exclusive corners of unspoiled Sardinia, from the point of view ...
Alla scoperta del Monte San Elia e i suoi Pianori
Discovering Monte San Elia and its Pianos - Excursions in Mammola (Italy)
Mammola RC

Common: Mammola (RC) IGM Paper: 1: 25.000 Gioiosa Jonica, 1: 50.000 Taurianova Altitudes: from 220 746 to mt. slm Time: 4,00 - ...

TracciaTrekking - Excursions, High Mountain Trekking, in Como (Italy)
Hiking, Trekking High Mountain
Como CO
- via Lenticchia, 25

TracciaTrekking excursions - hiking - high mountain with the Media Accompanying Mountain and Alpine Guides. Experience the adventure with TracciaTrekking ...
Zante - Hiking - Naturalistic and Cultural Tourism in Dorgali (Italy)
Hiking - Nature Tourism and Cultural
Dorgali NU
- via Lamarmora, 124

Zente is a service company for the natural and cultural tourism operating in central-eastern Sardinia in areas of high ...

Guide Alpine Valsusa
Alpine Valsusa Guide - Italian School of Mountaineering, Alpine Skiing and Climbing, in Bardonecchia (Italy)
Italian school of mountaineering, ski touring and climbing
Bardonecchia TO
- via Medail

At the start of the summer season Valsusa Alpine Guides that offer this year a rich program of initiatives dedicated to those who love the mountains ...
Cooperativa Lugori
Cooperativa Lugori - Excursions in Seui (Italy)
Seui CI
- via San Giorgio, 175

Lugori in the Sardinian language is the intense light reflected on the ground by the full moon. In popular tradition is the pure light for ...

Alla scoperta di..
Discovering .. - Excursions to Villaggio delle Mimose / Sinnai (Italy)
Villaggio delle Mimose
Sinnai CA

- via dei Gerani, 19

I'm a walking guide, enrolled in the Regional Register of hiking guides; I love the contact with the natural environment ...
Dolmen Escursioni e Noleggio
Dolmen Excursions and Rentals - in Cala Gonone / Dorgali (Italy)
Cala Gonone
Dorgali NU

- via Vasco de Gama 18

Dolmen is headquartered in Cala Gonone (Gulf of Orosei), one of the most beautiful and unspoiled parts of the Sardinian coast. We are able to ...

Rural Tourism / Excursions in Italy

Campeggi e villaggi turistici
Camper: aree attrezzate e di sosta
Trekking - Escursioni
Turismo equestre - maneggi
Agriturismo e “Country house”
Oasi, parchi e riserve naturali
Laghi, stagni, saline, ...

what to see

Musei e mostre
Luoghi di interesse, monumenti e attrazioni turistiche, cosa vedere
Turismo religioso e artistico: chiese, cattedrali, santuari, ...
Le spiagge
Le grotte



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