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Saturday October 21 2017
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Trekking / Excursions, Italy

Routes, trails and excursions to discover the territory

Walks and guided excursions

A beautiful day, good company and the many itineraries for easy walks and excursions are at the base to discover and admire fully the most beautiful sights of the area.

On this page we present a selection of organizations and individual operators for guided tours, from which you can directly access the details page.
From the menu, select a province, you get a list of Organizers and Hiking in its territory.

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Found 86 Trekking / Excursions in Italy

Andejos - Sardinia Exploring - Hiking Trekking and Mountain Bike, in Ofricatu / Siniscola (Italy)
Hiking Trekking and Mountain Bike
Località Ofricatu
Siniscola NU

- S.S. 125 km. 255+500

Andejos is an environmental organization that deals with hiking, mountain biking and trekking in the beautiful territory of the municipality of ...
Nature Tourism Guides - Excursions, in Rimini (Italy)
Rimini RN
- via Montescudo, 177

Nature Tourism Guide, a new way to discover the Romagnolo Apennines. Our Philosophy ... "walk is an art, a simple and ...

Go Tourist Sardinia - Excursions in La Caletta / Siniscola (Italy)
La Caletta
Siniscola NU

- località Istanzolu, 75

We are a great tourism and Leader in Sardinia Excursions in the sector. The work of Alyosha Pau, creator and founder of Go Tourist ...
A Spas for the Island - by Natalia Lapicca (Tourist Guide), in Carloforte (Italy)
Natalia Lapicca (Guide)
Carloforte CI
- via Sandro Pertini, 39

Natalia Lapicca, official tourist guide in Carloforte island of San Pietro, offers: different thematic routes depending on the time ...

Calyx - Excursions and food and wine events between nature and history in Salice Terme / Godiasco Salice Terme (Italy)
Excursions and food and wine events of nature and history
Salice Terme
Godiasco Salice Terme PV

- via Garello, 40

Calyx operates in the Apennines of Oltrepò Pavese, the southernmost tip of Lombardy, famous for its beautiful ...
Dijaux Agnès - Theme Excursions, in Bardonecchia (Italy)
Excursions Theme
Bardonecchia TO
- via San Giorgio, 24

Agnès hiking guide for the park of the Gran Bosco di Salbertrand, I propose themed summer trekking in the Upper Susa Valley, from 1300m to ...

Deep Walking - Deep Walk in the Interior Abduction - Journey From Tagliacozzo to Sulmona with the Asini, in Tagliacozzo (Italy)
Journey From Tagliacozzo to Sulmona with Donkeys
Tagliacozzo AQ
- Casale le Crete

The Deep Walking or Way Deep is a new way of walking and traveling on foot, proposed by the association Brushland. A trip to ...
Happy Tour in Sardinia - Excursions in Sardinia, in Pauli Arbarei (Italy)
Excursions in Sardinia
Pauli Arbarei CI
- via Trieste, 10

Happy Tour in Sardinia was born with the aim to let everyone know about the most exclusive corners of unspoiled Sardinia, from the point of view ...

Stiera Sport and Vacations - Tourist Village and Sport Fluvial, in Gaiola (Italy)
Tourist Village and Sports River
Gaiola CN
- Regione Stiera, 4

Stiera is a splendid country estate in Valle Stura, Gaiola in the province of Cuneo, a short distance from the river Stura di Demonte, one of ...
Discovering .. - Excursions to Villaggio delle Mimose / Sinnai (Italy)
Villaggio delle Mimose
Sinnai CA

- via dei Gerani, 19

I'm a walking guide, enrolled in the Regional Register of hiking guides; I love the contact with the natural environment ...

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