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Thursday June 21 2018
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The idea of ​​"wine roads and typical products"It stems from the need to enhance the excellence in production territories.
It is marked routes and advertised with special signs of particular interest from the point of view of natural, cultural and rural, which allow an offer culinary and integrated tourism.
These paths wind through vineyards and cellars of individual farms or associated open to the public and producers of local products and constitute an instrument through which the areas concerned and their production may be disclosed, sold and enjoyed in the form of tourist offer.
Thanks to this particular type of supply, along the "Roads", develop reception and hospitality activities, including tasting of farm products and the organization of recreational, cultural and educational.
From a formal point of view, the "Roads" are organized in voluntary associations for the promotion of food and wine tours and related activities are planned, approved and regulated by the National Law n. Of July 268 27 1999.

an "Wine Road"Tourism is a regional system that offers products and services directly or indirectly linked to the product of the route object.

Food and wine tours that develop mainly affecting small towns and rural hilly.
Along this route are connected cellars, farms, restaurants and small villages.

It is almost always spoken of wine, but in Italy we have "Wine routes","flavors roads","wine roads and roads of","Routes of wines and flavors", and so on ….

Food and wine tourism is a cultural phenomenon tied to the development of the area, the preservation of cultural heritage, the enhancement of wine production and typical offering tourists moments of strong emotion and cultural enrichment.

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Stradon del Vin Friularo
Stradon of Vin Friularo - Bagnoli di Sopra (Italy)
Bagnoli di Sopra PD
- Piazza Marconi, 63

From Padua going south, a straight line that passes through Conselve reaches as far as Bagnoli: today it is the "Conselvana", once the "Stradon del vin Friularo". In the past a tramvai connected Bagnoli to the center of Padua ...

Strada del Vino e dei Sapori della Valtellina
Wine and flavors of Valtellina - c / o Ass. The Valtellina Food and Wine Route - Chamber of Commerce of Sondrio in Sondrio (Italy)
c / o The Ass Valtellina Food and Wine Route - Chamber of Commerce of Sondrio
- via Piazzi, 23

From Milan you can reach the Valtellina along the freeway to Lecco and then for 5ondrio. The food and wine trail leads from Colico to Bormio in the east and north to Chiavenna. The visit to the old cellars from Morbegno to ...

Strada del Vino Lessini Durello
Lessini Durello Wine Route - Soave (Italy)
Soave VR
- Vicolo Adolfo Mattielli, 11

These are the evocative valleys of Lessinia that characterize the area affected by the Lessini Durello DOC, a fresh and sparkling autochthonous vine, with its characteristic acidity, straddling the provinces of Verona and Vicenza. In the part ...

Strada dei Vini DOC Lison-Pramaggiore e dei Prodotti tipici
Lison-Pramaggiore DOC Wine Route and typical products - Pramaggiore (Italy)
Pramaggiore VE
- via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto, 13/b

In the Eastern Venice, between the rivers Livenza and Tagliamento, the "Wine Route DOC Lison Pramaggiore" winds its way from the 1986 among aromas and flavors of wines, ancient cities suspended among the vines, and family cellars, restaurants, shops ...

Strada del Vino Valpolicella
Valpolicella Wine Route - San Pietro in Cariano (Italy)
San Pietro in Cariano VR
- Via Ingelheim, 7

The area of ​​the "Strada del Vino Valpolicella" is a range of small valleys degrading from the Lessini Mountains, which begins to the west with the Val d'Adige and ends in the east in the province of Vicenza. Favored by an excellent climate and ...

Strada del Vino Colli dei Longobardi
Hills Wine Road of the Lombards - c / o Solaria Cooperative in Brescia (Italy)
c / o Solaria Cooperative
- via Andrea del Sarto, 37

It develops in the province of Brescia: the city represents the beginning and end of an enogastronomic and cultural journey in search of wines and art treasures of the territory handed down by Romans, Lombards and hard-working monks. The grapes ...

Strada del Vino Monreale DOC
Monreale DOC Wine Route - Monreale (Italy)
Monreale PA
- Contrada Malvello

This road goes into the hinterland of the province of Palermo, through a long circuit that includes part of the municipality of Monreale and the municipality of Piana degli Albanesi, as well as the entire territory of the towns of Camporeale, San ...

Strada dei Vini e Sapori Mantovani
Road of Wines and Flavors Mantovani - Mantua (Italy)
- Largo Pradella, 1

The DOC areas of the Mantovano can be reached via the Milan-Venice motorway; from the Peschiera exit in the direction of Monzambano there are the Ciarda Colli Mantovani areas, while passing Mantua in the direction of Sabbioneta you reach ...

Strada del Vino San Colombano e dei Sapori Lodigiani
San Colombano Wine Route and Lodigiani Flavors - Lodi (Italy)
- via Haussmann, 7

Traveling along the Milan-Bologna motorway to the Casalpusterlengo exit, you reach San Colombano, whose hills are an island in the Lodi plain. It is said that the saint arrived in the sixth century and taught the inhabitants ...

Strada del Vino Arcole
Strada del Vino Arcole - Soave (Italy)
Soave VR
- Vicolo A. Mattielli, 11

The Arcole DOC Wine Route winds its way between the provinces of Verona and Vicenza, in the Veronese area in the municipalities of Arcole, Cologna Veneta, Albaredo d'Adige, Zimella, Veronella, Zevio, Belfiore d'Adige and partially Caldiero, San Bonifacio, Soave, ...

Strada del Gusto Cremonese nella Terra di Stradivari
Strada del Gusto Cremonese in the Land of Stradivari - c / o Province of Cremona - Tourist Promotion Services in Cremona (Italy)
c / o Province of Cremona - Tourism Promotion Services
- Piazza del Comune, 5

Valuing and promoting tourism through agricultural production, agri-food activities, the production of gastronomic specialties and the production of the environmentally friendly economy. Encouraging territorial economic development ...

Strada del Vino e dell'Olio Lucca e Montecarlo
Wine and Oil Road Lucca and Montecarlo - San Gennaro / Capannori (Italy)
Capannori LU
- Via di Celli, 52
- San Gennaro

The rural territory of the Wine and Oil Road of Lucca, Montecarlo and Versilia, in the province of Lucca, is unique in Tuscany for the enveloping and penetrating beauty of its natural landscapes, rich in light and color. From the white peaks ...

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