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Traditional products

The term "traditional products" means those food products whose methods of processing, storage and aging result consolidated over time, consistent across the entire region, according to traditional rules for a period of not less than twenty-five.

The "system" of traditional products is regulated by the decree of July 18 2000.
"Traditional Food" is a trademark of Mipaf which lies outside the law claims-PDO, PGI and TSG.

The traditional and typical products

The "traditional agro-food products" together to PDO and PGI, the DOC and DOCG and IGT wines and products worthy of recognition Community for the realization of which will use raw materials of particular value, are among the local products.

They are the subject of special attention from local governments, regional, national and European Union.

Italian traditional products

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Noglie - Italy

Production area Full regional territory. Methods of Processing The raw materials are: guts and tripe of pig. You wash your guts ...
Nisso - Italy

Territory Mountain area of ​​Oltrepò pavese Definition Cheese obtained from cow's milk, seasoned Raw materials ...

Carne fumada di Siror
Meat fumada Siror - Italy
Trentino-Alto Adige

Smoked beef meat to be eaten raw. You use the part of the girello extracted from the boneless thigh of the beef, degreased, ...
Bonassai - Italy

SYNTHETIC PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Soft pasta cheese, square-shaped parallelepiped, of approximately 18 cm of side or rectangular 9 x ...

Carne salada di capra o di pecora
Carne salada di capra o di pecora - Italia
Trentino-Alto Adige

Goat or sheep meat flavored in pieces from 0,4-1,5 kg, dark, red, cut, with a purple outer edge, with a high consistency ...
Sanguinaccio - Italy

Production Area: Mountain and Lucan Hill. Raw materials: Blood of locally bred pigs. Materials and equipment for ...

Pane di Regnano
Bread of Regnano - Italy

Territory concerned by production: The municipality of Casola in Lunigiana and in particular the hamlet of Regnano. Synthetic description of the ...
Cruxioneddu de mindua, culungioneddos de mendula, ...
Cruxioneddu de mindua, culungioneddos de mendula, ... - Italia

SYNONYMS Culungioneddos de mendula, almond almonds Ravioletti SYNTHETIC PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Sweets made of ravioli ...

Cacciatore nostrano all'aglio di Caderzone
Hunter homegrown garlic Caderzone - Italy
Trentino-Alto Adige

Seasoned sausage of pure pig, to be consumed in the raw state. For the preparation of the "Nostrano alla Garlic of ...
Pan meino
Pan Meino - Italy

LC Province, LC, CO, MI Definition Focaccia Flavored Raw Materials Yellow flour, dried elderberry flowers, ...

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