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Saturday October 21 2017
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Traditional products

The term "traditional products" means those food products whose methods of processing, storage and aging result consolidated over time, consistent across the entire region, according to traditional rules for a period of not less than twenty-five.

The "system" of traditional products is regulated by the decree of July 18 2000.
"Traditional Food" is a trademark of Mipaf which lies outside the law claims-PDO, PGI and TSG.

The traditional and typical products

The "traditional agro-food products" together to PDO and PGI, the DOC and DOCG and IGT wines and products worthy of recognition Community for the realization of which will use raw materials of particular value, are among the local products.

They are the subject of special attention from local governments, regional, national and European Union.

Italian traditional products

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Neccio Toscano, Bollento, Gaccio, Cian - Italia

They are produced in the Pistoia Mountains, in Garfagnana and Lunigiana, areas characterized by a strong presence of chestnuts. Synthetic description ...
Porchetta di Monte San Savino - Italy

Territory interested in production: Produced throughout the municipality of Monte San Savino Synthetic product description: Pig whole in ...

Strachitund - Italy

Brembana Valley Territory, Val Taleggio (BG) Definition Round Stracchino. Cow milk whole raw, raw, two ...
Papassinos - Italy

SYNTHETIC DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT Papassinos (the name "Papassinos" comes from the dialect "Papassa" or grape ...

Gnudi, Ravioli Nudi, Strangolapreti, Strozzapreti, Gnocchi del Casentino - Italy

Territory interested in production: All Tuscany and in particular the Amatini area (Province of Siena and ...
Fagiolo Borlotto di Gambolò - Italia

Common Territory of Gambolò and neighboring municipalities Definition of ancient varieties of borlotto beans ...

Maccheroni della Garfagnana - Italia

They are produced throughout the Garfagnana, in the province of Lucca. Synthetic product description: Slim hand-made pasta, striped ...
Garfagnana Potato Bread - Italy

Territory interested in production: All the communes of Garfagnana and Valle del Serchio, province of Lucca. Synthetic description of the ...

Pane carasau, pane carasatu, carta da musica - Italia

Bread with large leaves similar to crunchy crunchy waffles, with no disk, of a discoid shape, with a diameter varying between 15 and 40 cm and a few ...
Buristo, Mallegato Pisano, Mallegato Livorno, pudding, Burischio - Italy

Territory interested in production: It is produced throughout Tuscany. Synthetic Product Description: Typical blood-based cold cuts ...

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