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Sunday June 24 2018
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Traditional products

The term "traditional products" means those food products whose methods of processing, storage and aging result consolidated over time, consistent across the entire region, according to traditional rules for a period of not less than twenty-five.

The "system" of traditional products is regulated by the decree of July 18 2000.
"Traditional Food" is a trademark of Mipaf which lies outside the law claims-PDO, PGI and TSG.

The traditional and typical products

The "traditional agro-food products" together to PDO and PGI, the DOC and DOCG and IGT wines and products worthy of recognition Community for the realization of which will use raw materials of particular value, are among the local products.

They are the subject of special attention from local governments, regional, national and European Union.

Italian traditional products

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A few examples:
Aspretto di More
Aspretto of More - Italy

Area of ​​production: Province of Lucca. Brief description of the product: The Aspretto blackberry is an aromatic fruit vinegar, from very intense, sweet flavor and very scura.Viene staining product more ...

Marzipan - Italy

Area of ​​production: Versilia and Lucca area, especially in the town of Pietrasanta, province of Lucca. Synthetic Product description: Marzipan looks or crushed typical washers called ...

Sta'el - Italy

Territory Valle Camonica (BS) Definition Semi-cooked cheese with whole goat's milk, just milked, medium matured. Commodity Goat milk, rennet, salt Physical Characteristics Form ...

Focaccia di Pasqua Salata di Pitigliano
Easter Eggplant of Pitigliano - Italy

Area of ​​production: Province of Grosseto, especially in the town of Pitigliano. Brief description of the product: The savory focaccia Easter Pitigliano is a loaf of soft texture, golden in color ...

Formaggio fresco
Fresh cheese - Italy

"Casu friscu"
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT fresh sheep cheese, prepared, for less than a week, in small forms specifically for cooking on the grill or on toasted bread or to be used as an ingredient in various recipes ...

Panforte di Siena, Panforte di Massa Marittima
Panforte of Siena, Panforte of Massa Marittima - Italy

Area of ​​production: Province of Siena town of Massa Marittima, Grosseto province. Brief description of product: The gingerbread is a gentle circular, low and compact. It can be colored ...

Bernardo - Italy

Territory Clusone, Valle Seriana (BG) Definition cheese made from raw whole cow's or mixed milk (goat 10%), soft consistency, semi-cooked, chilled or at short seasoning Commodities Milk ...

Lardo Vergine di Maiale
Lardo Vergine di Maiale - Italy

Area of ​​production: It is produced in the province of Pisa. Brief description of the product: It has intense flavor and aroma, is soft on the palate and very tasty. The "rump" pork is squared, ...

Pollo del Valdarno, Valdarnese Bianca o Valdarno Bianca
Pollo del Valdarno, Valdarnese Bianca or Valdarno Bianca - Italy

Area of ​​production: Valdarno Arezzo and Florence, both downstream and in the hills and in the surrounding mountains; the animal is very rustic and resistant to the humid climate typical of the area. Brief description of the ...

Pici, Pinci
Pici, Pinel - Italy

Area of ​​production: Siena Area, some town in the province of Grosseto. For the variant of pici parabola-shaped, the Municipality of Montopoli Valdarno (Pisa). Synthetic Product description: Pici are a ...

Pecorino Umbro, Cacio, Pecorino Subasio
Pecorino Umbro, Cacio, Pecorino Subasio - Italy

TERRITORY CONCERNED MANUFACTURING All the regional territory of Umbria. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT cutting cheese made from sheep's milk, with a strong flavor, slightly spicy. The seasoned product for ...

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