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Traditional products

The term "traditional products" means those food products whose methods of processing, storage and aging result consolidated over time, consistent across the entire region, according to traditional rules for a period of not less than twenty-five.

The "system" of traditional products is regulated by the decree of July 18 2000.
"Traditional Food" is a trademark of Mipaf which lies outside the law claims-PDO, PGI and TSG.

The traditional and typical products

The "traditional agro-food products" together to PDO and PGI, the DOC and DOCG and IGT wines and products worthy of recognition Community for the realization of which will use raw materials of particular value, are among the local products.

They are the subject of special attention from local governments, regional, national and European Union.

Italian traditional products

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A few examples:
Prosciuttini della Valtellina
Prosciuttini della Valtellina - Italy

Territory Valtellina Definition dry cured ham sausage and tied for slow curing but homogeneous Commodities Walnut cured ham, salt, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, garlic, red wine (for macerated garlic), ...

Miele Valdostano
Honey Aosta Valley - Italy
Valle d'Aosta

Honey, sweet nectar from the purity unmistakable traces back to different mountain environments that feature spectacular blooms of meadows and pastures, glades and forests. From these sources of nectar are born different ...

Raskatielli di legumi di Fardella
Raskatielli from Fardella legumes - Italy

Production: Municipality of Fardella. Commodities: Wheat flour - legume flour - sauce (tomato - tomato - green pepper, basil, chili). Materials and equipment for the ...

Liquore di Cardo Selvatico
Wild Thistle Liqueur - Italy

"Likori de Gureu"
Product Description: Alcohol, a lovely pale yellow color, pleasantly bitter flavor. Often the liquor, packaged in glass bottles transparent, may contain infuse a piece of thistle. In ...

Broccoletti del Lago, Pulezze del Lago, Radicone Toscano
Broccoletti del Lago, Pulezze del Lago, Radicone Toscano - Italy

TERRITORY CONCERNED MANUFACTURING municipalities of: Magione, Passignano, Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Castiglione del Lago and Panicale. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT inflorescence and hold part of the stem with leaves. ...

Lucanica mochena di cavallo
Lucanica horse mochena - Italy
Trentino-Alto Adige

Sausage seasoned horse meat and pork, to be consumed in a raw state, after proper seasoning. For the production of "Lucanica Mochena of Horse" it is only used the pulp choice of horse and pig. After ...

Torta co' Bischeri
Torte co 'Bischeri - Italy

Area of ​​production: Province of Pisa (San Piero a Grado, Vecchiano, Nodica Pontasserchio- Marina di Pisa) and Lucca (Torre del Lago). Synthetic Product description: The cake co 'pegs is a dessert made with ...

Biroldo della Garfagnana
Biroldo of Garfagnana - Italy

Area of ​​production: It is produced in Garfagnana but, with some variations, throughout the province of Lucca. Brief description of the product: The biroldo Garfagnana is a sausage-shaped loaf, with a diameter of ...

Prosciuttini della Valtellina al pepe
Peppercorns of Valtellina pepper - Italy

Territory Alta Valtellina Definition walnut ham, covered with pepper Commodities Walnut ham, salt, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, garlic, red wine (to macerate garlic), saltpetre. Physical characteristics ...

Tarese Valdarno
Tarese Valdarno - Italy

Area of ​​production: Valdarno Arezzo and Florence, Arezzo and Florence. Brief description of the product: It's a meat packaged working the back and the belly of the pig, with the typical techniques of ...

Grappa - Italy
Valle d'Aosta

Grappa has always accompanied the mountaineer and today remains the ideal digestive after the rich meals based on local specialties. To the family tradition of stills that worked silently in the cellar, today the ...

Cadolet di capra
Goat goat - Italy

Territory Valle Camonica (BS) Definition cheese made from whole goat's milk, raw paste, at early age Commodity Goat milk, rennet and salt Physical Characteristics Shape square, ...

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