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Saturday October 21 2017
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On this page we present a list of curiosities and miscellaneous information about the region Italy.
In the first part you will find a complete list of items included in the archive, we present some info accompanied by preview.
On this page we present a list of various amenities and information concerning Italian region, Of which we present some info accompanied by preview.

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Found 38 Various Info and Curiosities in Italy

Caffè Borghetti - Italy
Caffè Borghetti (or Caffè Sport Borghetti) is a coffee liqueur. It is generally eaten smooth or with ...
Burras - Italy
With the term burras, they are designed for bed linen, both of linen and of Sardinian wool. The maximum length allowed by the small traditional chassis ...

Liver of Piacenza - Etruscan Liver - Italy
Emilia Romagna
The Piacenza liver (or Etruscan liver) is a bronze model of sheep liver with Etruscan inscriptions. It was found by a farmer ...
Sardinian Language - Italy
Among the idioms that originated in Latin, Sardinian is the one that has the most preserved traits of the mother tongue. The historic ...

Bergamotto - Italy
The bergamot (Citrus Bergamia) is a particular tree plantation that is cultivated in the Ionian coast of the province of ...
Corbezzolo - Italy
Common name: Corbezzolo, Albatro Family: Ericaceae Description Evergreen bush or tree of 1-4 m of height, which ...

Törggelen - Italy
Trentino-Alto Adige
The Törggelen period is like a season in its own right in South Tyrol: eight full weeks from the beginning of October, ...
Barbagia - Italy
With the name Barbagia (derived from the name Barbaria, with which the Romans indicated the inaccessible regions of the interior, opposed ...

Talamello Fork Cheese - Italy
Emilia Romagna
"Talamello Amber" (so called by the poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra) Talamello and Sogliano al Rubicone, are the ...
Selvatico Sardo Cat - Italy
The Sardinian Wild Cat belongs to a subspecies of the European wild cat, spread in northern Africa, Corsica and in ...

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