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Sunday August 19 2018
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On this page we present a list of curiosities and miscellaneous information about the region Italy.
In the first part you will find a complete list of items included in the archive, we present some info accompanied by preview.
On this page we present a list of various amenities and information concerning Italian region, Of which we present some info accompanied by preview.

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Bertulas - Italy
- Sardinia

The bertulas are gutters obtained by sewing two pockets to a strip of fabric. They were used to load objects on quadrupeds by soma but ...

Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza
Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza - Italy
- Emilia Romagna

For the sake of power, love and passion, dynasties of noble families, court chatting and political strategies, we are at the time of the Duchy of Parma and ...

Bronzetti Sardi
Sardinian bronzetti - Italy
- Sardinia

The Sardinian bronzes are small bronze sculptures of warriors, ships, female figures of the mother goddess or priestess.

Coberibangos - Italy
- Sardinia

Coberibangos had the function of covering the upper part of the chests. The colors were usually very lively. From the years ...

Comunità Montana Grand Combin
Grand Community Combined Community - Italy
- Valle d'Aosta

The Montana Grand Combin Community, located north of the Aosta Valley, at the border with Switzerland, brings together 11 Municipalities. Its territory, ...

Raccolta del Mirto
Collection of Mirto - Italy
- Sardinia

Harvest harvest (January-February) Berries as well-known, are used by fermentation in alcohol to obtain the famous ...

“Moscioli” di Portonovo di Ancona
"Moscioli" in Portonovo di Ancona - Italy
- Brands

The "Ancona's Mushrooms" (mussels) are mussels that spontaneously reproduce on the cliffs in the stretch of coast that goes from ...

Domus de Janas
Domus de Janas - Italy
- Sardinia

Starting from the recent neolithic (3400-3200 aC) spread funerary cults, documented especially by artificial grouts, called ...

Törggelen - Italy
- Trentino Alto Adige

The Törggelen period is like a season in its own right in South Tyrol: eight full weeks from the beginning of October, ...

Il Formaggio di Fossa di Talamello
Talamello Fork Cheese - Italy
- Emilia Romagna

"Talamello Amber" (so called by the poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra) Talamello and Sogliano al Rubicone, are the ...

Caffè Borghetti
Caffè Borghetti - Italy
- Brands

Caffè Borghetti (or Caffè Sport Borghetti) is a coffee liqueur. It is generally eaten smooth or with ...

Comunità Montana Evançon
Community of Montana Evançon - Italy
- Valle d'Aosta

The Montana Evançon Community is located to the east of the Aosta Valley, just before the Lys Valley and grouping 9 Municipalities. Includes ...