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Sunday June 24 2018
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On this page we present a list of curiosities and miscellaneous information about the region Italy.
In the first part you will find a complete list of items included in the archive, we present some info accompanied by preview.
On this page we present a list of various amenities and information concerning Italian region, Of which we present some info accompanied by preview.

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Comunità Montana Grand Combin
Grand Community Combined Community - Italy
- Valle d'Aosta

The Montana Grand Combin Community, located north of the Aosta Valley, at the border with Switzerland, brings together 11 Municipalities. Its territory, ...

Gennargentu - Italy
- Sardinia

The Gennargentu massif is the most important mountainous group in Sardinia. It is made up of very ancient rocks including ...

Gatto Selvatico Sardo
Selvatico Sardo Cat - Italy
- Sardinia

The Sardinian Wild Cat belongs to a subspecies of the European wild cat, spread in northern Africa, Corsica and in ...

Lingua Sarda
Sardinian Language - Italy
- Sardinia

Among the idioms that originated in Latin, Sardinian is the one that has the most preserved traits of the mother tongue. The historic ...

Raccolta del Mirto
Collection of Mirto - Italy
- Sardinia

Harvest harvest (January-February) Berries as well-known, are used by fermentation in alcohol to obtain the famous ...

Burras - Italy
- Sardinia

With the term burras, they are designed for bed linen, both of linen and of Sardinian wool. The maximum length allowed by the small traditional chassis ...

I Sette Re di Roma
The Seven Kings of Rome - Italy
- New York

The monarchical period of Rome lasted about half a century and a half. The city turned into Alba colony at that time ...

Chiese rupestri di Matera
Churches of Matera - Italy
- Basilicata

A dramatic beauty; The astonishment that attracts the gaze put in front of the entire human history: because the Sassi of Matera, ...

Fegato di Piacenza - Fegato Etrusco
Liver of Piacenza - Etruscan Liver - Italy
- Emilia Romagna

The Piacenza liver (or Etruscan liver) is a bronze model of sheep liver with Etruscan inscriptions. It was found by a farmer ...

Muflone ​​- Italy
- Sardinia

Among the mammals, the most characteristic of Sardinian fauna is the Muflone, the progeny of the domestic sheep and very similar to it. Lives ...

Volo dell'Aquila sul Pollino
Flight of the Aquila on Pollino - Italy
- Basilicata

In San Costantino Albanese, from March to December In Basilicata you fly. The "Flight of the Eagle" allows you to admire the beauties of the ...

Il Corbezzolo
Corbezzolo - Italy
- Sardinia

Common name: Corbezzolo, Albatro Family: Ericaceae Description Evergreen bush or tree of 1-4 m of height, which ...

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