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Sunday August 19 2018
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Grotta dei Cavalli
Cavalli dei Cavalli - San Vito Lo Capo (Italy)
San Vito Lo Capo TP

Charming place, accessible on foot or by bike. The rock carvings are barely perceptible.

Grotta Azzurra
Blue Grotto - Island of Dino / Praia a Mare (Italy)
Praia a Mare CS
- Isola di Dino

The Blue Grotto, which is certainly the most beautiful of the caves on the island of Dino, is reminiscent of Capri, but is different for the colors of the water that go from the green blue copper green in contrast with the pasty and intense ...

Grotta Marina di Bergeggi
Grotta Marina di Bergeggi - Bergeggi (Italy)
Bergeggi SV

The Bergeggi Marine Cave is the main karstic cavity of the Bergeggi Regional Nature Reserve (LR 10 / 85) and the Protected Marine Area of ​​Bergeggi (DM 7 May 2007). Access to the cave is allowed ...

Grotta del Cavallone
Grotta del Cavallone - Lama of the Peligni (Italy)
Lama dei Peligni CH

La Grotta del Cavallone (otherwise known as "Grotta della figlia di Jorio") is a cave of speleological interest located in the heart of the "Majella National Park", in the territory of the ...

Grotta Sa Oche e Su Bentu
Sa Oche and Su Bentu Cave - Oliena (Italy)
Oliena NU

The cave Sa Oche, its name means the voice, is located in the valley of Lanaittu, near Oliena (NU), and near its entrance welcomes a Nuraghic settlement that retains traces of Roman occupation. Inside the cave you ...

Grotta Su Meraculu
Su Meraculu Cave - Cala Sisine / Baunei (Italy)
Baunei NU
- Cala Sisine

Guided Tour to the Cave On Meraculu - Cala Sisine Localized on the slopes of the rocky promontory of Baccu dysfunction and the gully Baccu Arala leading to the picturesque beach of Cala Sisine, in the municipality of Baunei. Her ...

Grotta di Santa Margherita
Grotto of Santa Margherita - Castellammare del Golfo (Italy)
Castellammare del Golfo TP

It is located on a wall overhanging 15 meters above sea level. On the side walls of the large cave you can see different paintings dating from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries: a "Madonna with Child", flanked by a saint and a ...

Grotte del Caudano
Caves of the Caudano - Frabosa Sottana (Italy)
Frabosa Sottana CN

In addition to 3 4 km of tunnels overlapping planes of the Caves Caudano, are the remains of animals that lived thousands of years ago as the prehistoric cave bear. Then there are the animals, such as bats, which still ...

Grotta Gigante
Grotta Gigante - Sgonico (Italy)
Sgonico TS
- Borgo Grotta Gigante, 42/a

The Giant Cave is a karst cave, explored in 1840 and opened to tourism from Club Touristi Triestini already in 1908, following the loss of the Postojna Cave, which rose to Yugoslavia in 1947, received strong ...

Grotte di Nettuno
Caves of Neptune - Capo Caccia / Alghero (Italy)
Alghero SS
- Capo Caccia

From the town of Alghero, the "Caves of Neptune" can be achieved for two distinct routes. By sea, departing from the port, through the service of boats that with a trip of about 1 now allows you to see all the ...

Grotte di Onferno
Caves of Onferno - Gemmano (Italy)
Gemmano RN

The Onferno caves are a complex karst of great value whose full scientific exploration, speleologist Quarina, dates back to 1916. An underground stream has carved these chalk rocks resulting in tunnels, ...

Grotte Del Bue Marino
Grotte Del Bue Marino - Dorgali (Italy)
Dorgali NU

The caves of the Bue Marino caves are located in the coastal territory of the municipality of Dorgali in the east coast of Sardinia. They owe their name dall'appellativo Sardinian language of the monk seal, marine mammal now considered ...