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Sunday June 24 2018
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On this page we present a selection of caves in Italy, from here you can directly access the details page.

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Grotte dei Dossi
Grotte dei Dossi - Dossi / Villanova Mondovì (Italy)
Villanova Mondovì CN
- Dossi

A wonderful maze of halls and galleries decorated with polychrome concretions of various shapes and sizes. The colors of the concretions are due to dissolved minerals in surface water percolating into the cavity forming ...

Grotta Gigante
Grotta Gigante - Sgonico (Italy)
Sgonico TS
- Borgo Grotta Gigante, 42/a

The Giant Cave is a karst cave, explored in 1840 and opened to tourism from Club Touristi Triestini already in 1908, following the loss of the Postojna Cave, which rose to Yugoslavia in 1947, received strong ...

Grotta Azzurra
Blue Grotto - Anacapri (Italy)
Anacapri NA

The Blue Grotto, the most famous sea cave, tied to the "Blue Island" by an inseparable binomial blue. Complex light refraction games veil of an unreal blue reflection of the walls and the ceiling; the backdrop of ...

Grotta della Lamia
Lamia Cave - Fossato Ionico / Montebello Jonico (Italy)
Montebello Jonico RC
- Fossato Ionico

At about 2 km. Flat of the Lungja and 4 from the town of Moat ionic you can visit the Cave of Lamia, characterized by the presence of natural ravines of considerable size that presents a number of ...

Grotta Marina di Bergeggi
Grotta Marina di Bergeggi - Bergeggi (Italy)
Bergeggi SV

The Bergeggi Marine Cave is the main karstic cavity of the Bergeggi Regional Nature Reserve (LR 10 / 85) and the Protected Marine Area of ​​Bergeggi (DM 7 May 2007). Access to the cave is allowed ...

Grotta della Madonnina
Madonna's Cave - Submerged Marine Cave at Capo Caccia / Alghero (Italy)
Submerged sea cave
Alghero SS
- Capo Caccia

The cave of the Madonnina is a submerged cave located at the tip of the promontory of Capo Caccia, in north-western Sardinia, about 28 km from Alghero. It takes its name from an icon depicting "the Madonna with ...

Grotta dei Cavalli
Cavalli dei Cavalli - San Vito Lo Capo (Italy)
San Vito Lo Capo TP

Charming place, accessible on foot or by bike. The rock carvings are barely perceptible.

Grotta sa Rocca Ulari
Grotta sa Rocca Ulari - Borutta (Italy)
Borutta SS

The Sa Rocca Ulàri cave opens up into the slope below the church of San Pietro di Sorres, right in front of the town of Borutta, in a bank of calcareous rocks from the Miocene period, which are between 7 and 12 million. .

Grotta Ispinigoli
Ispinigoli Cave - Dorgali (Italy)
Dorgali NU

An immense, majestic stalactite in the center of a circular cave, between walls that seem to have been carved by an unsurpassable artist: it is the cave of Ispinigoli, in the Ogliastra inland, a few kilometers from the east coast. The name is ...

Grotta del Cavallone
Grotta del Cavallone - Lama of the Peligni (Italy)
Lama dei Peligni CH

La Grotta del Cavallone (otherwise known as "Grotta della figlia di Jorio") is a cave of speleological interest located in the heart of the "Majella National Park", in the territory of the ...

Grotte di Nettuno
Grotte di Nettuno - Capo Caccia / Alghero (Italia)
Alghero SS
- Capo Caccia

From the town of Alghero, the "Caves of Neptune" can be achieved for two distinct routes. By sea, departing from the port, through the service of boats that with a trip of about 1 now allows you to see all the ...

Grotte di Is Zuddas
Is Zuddas Caves - Santadi (Italy)
Santadi SU

These are caves carved by nature in the Cambrian limestone of Monte Meana. The tunnel through which you access the cave opens into a series of rooms full of concretions. The first hall is said of Columns for the presence of ...

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