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Saturday October 21 2017
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Found 95 Grottoes in Italy

Grotto of Bergeggi - in Bergeggi (Italy)
Bergeggi SV

The Cave of Bergeggi is the main karst cavities of the Regional Natural Reserve of Bergeggi (LR 10 / 85) and Area ...
Grotte Del Bue Marino -, in Dorgali (Italy)
Dorgali NU

The caves of the Bue Marino are the coastal caves located in the municipality of Dorgali on the east coast of Sardinia. Should the ...

Grotto of the Horses - in San Vito Lo Capo (Italy)
San Vito Lo Capo TP

Charming place, accessible on foot or by bike. The rock carvings are barely perceptible.
Caves of Onferno - in Gemmano (Italy)
Gemmano RN

The Onferno caves represent a karst complex of considerable value whose full scientific exploration, speleologist Quarina, dates back ...

Cave of the Cavallone - in Lama dei Peligni (Italy)
Lama dei Peligni CH

The Cave of the Breaker (otherwise known as the "Cave of the daughter of Jorio") is a cave speleological interest you ...
Toirano Caves - to Toirano (Italy)
Toirano SV

Ticket office and Grotte Piazzale Grotte. The office is open daily, including holidays, from the 9.30 12.30 hours and the hours ...

Bossea Caves - at Frabosa Soprana (Italy)
Frabosa Soprana CN

Among the most beautiful and important Italian tourist caves for variety of concretions, grandeur of environments, abundance of water ...
Blue Cave - to Dino Island / Praia a Mare (Italy)
Isola di Dino
Praia a Mare CS

The Blue Grotto which is certainly the most beautiful cave on the island of Dino, reminiscent of Capri, but it is different for ...

Grotto of the Ficarella - in Castellammare del Golfo (Italy)
Castellammare del Golfo TP

It's an underwater cave in the Zingaro nature reserve. It is accessing 14 meters deep through a large tunnel that ...
Santa Barbara Cave - at Mining San Giovanni / Gonnesa (Italy)
Miniera San Giovanni
Gonnesa CI

The cave of Santa Barbara, located inside the mine of San Giovanni in the territory of Iglesias - Gonnesa, was discovered by accident ...

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