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Thursday March 22 2018
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On this page we present a selection of caves in Italy, from here you can directly access the details page.

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Grotte dell'Angelo
Angels Caves - in Pertosa (Italy)
Pertosa SA

At 70 kilometers from Salerno, in the northernmost part of the "National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano", nature started its work well 35 millions of years ago, to create what is now a magical ...

Grotte di Toirano
Toirano Caves - to Toirano (Italy)
Toirano SV

Office and ticket office Caves: Piazzale Grotte. The office is open every day, including holidays, from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.00. There is a closing period for maintenance work, as a rule ...

Grotta Gigante
Grotto Gigante -, in Sgonico (Italy)
Sgonico TS
- Borgo Grotta Gigante, 42/a

The Giant Cave is a karst cave, explored in 1840 and opened to tourism from Club Touristi Triestini already in 1908, following the loss of the Postojna Cave, which rose to Yugoslavia in 1947, received strong ...

Grotte del Caudano
Caudano Caves - in Frabosa Sottana (Italy)
Frabosa Sottana CN

In addition to 3 4 km of tunnels overlapping planes of the Caves Caudano, are the remains of animals that lived thousands of years ago as the prehistoric cave bear. Then there are the animals, such as bats, which still ...

Grotta del Fico
Grotto of the fig tree - in Baunei (Italy)
Baunei NU

La Grotta del Fico opens in limestone wall between the beaches of Cala Cala Mariolu and Biriala, in one of the most fascinating traits of Sardinia. For millions of years underground river has shaped the bowels of the earth ...

Grotta Ispinigoli
Ispinigoli Cave - in Dorgali (Italy)
Dorgali NU

An immense, majestic stalactite in the center of a circular cave, between walls that seem to have been carved by an unsurpassable artist: it is the cave of Ispinigoli, in the Ogliastra inland, a few kilometers from the east coast. The name is ...

Grotta della Ficarella
Grotto of the Ficarella - in Castellammare del Golfo (Italy)
Castellammare del Golfo TP

It is an underwater cave in the Zingaro nature reserve. You access 14 meters of depth through a large tunnel that leads to a large room on the sea level where you can take off the regulator and ...

Grotte di Bossea
Bossea Caves - at Frabosa Soprana (Italy)
Frabosa Soprana CN

Among the most beautiful and important Italian tourist caves for variety of concretions, grandeur of environments, wealth of water and underground lakes. Explored in the 1840, illuminated and equipped for visits, it extends to ...

Grotta Marina di Bergeggi
Grotto of Bergeggi - in Bergeggi (Italy)
Bergeggi SV

The Bergeggi Marine Cave is the main karstic cavity of the Bergeggi Regional Nature Reserve (LR 10 / 85) and the Protected Marine Area of ​​Bergeggi (DM 7 May 2007). Access to the cave is allowed ...

Grotte di Castellana
Caves of Castellana -, in Castellana Grotte (Italy)
Castellana Grotte BA

Leaving the sea, with the SP 237 you start inland and the first Murgie, crossing small villages and districts of a few houses, to get to Castellana with its incredible caves: here you go down in a fairytale world, white ...

Grotte di Castello Tesino
Caves of Castello Tesino - in Castello Tesino (Italy)
Castello Tesino TN

The "Cave of Castello Tesino" or "cave Valnuvola", as it is known by the inhabitants of the village near the town of Lamon, has always been called in the local dialect "Bus de la Lora". ...

Grotta Archeologica di Rutta Niedda
Archaeological Grotto of Rutta Niedda -, in Dorgali (Italy)
Dorgali NU

The cave is located in the downstream stretch of the Codula Fuili, about 15 minutes of walking from the homonymous beach. To access it you have to go along the whole panoramic road Calagonone-Fuili and go down, finally, for the staircase that leads to ...

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