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Monday June 25 2018
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Traditional Festivals and Festivals, Italy

To discover places and tastes, rites and traditions

traditional festivals and food and wine festivals

popular events related to religion and to the promotion of local products, open to the general public.
On this page we present a selection of Italian feasts and festivals, From here you can directly access the details page.


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Polvere di Stelle - Mercatino di Natale
Star Powder - Christmas Market - in Lana (Italy)
Lana BZ

Event Period:

Festa del Farro IGP Garfagnana
Festa del Farro IGP Garfagnana -, in Sant'Anastasio / Piazza al Serchio (Italy)
- Sant'Anastasio
Piazza al Serchio LU

Event Period:

Festa dei Bigoli
Festa dei Bigoli -, in Carbonara / Rovolon (Italy)
- Carbonara
Rovolon PD

Event Period:
on the weekend of May

Sagra della Castagna
Castagna Festival - in Sante Marie (Italy)
Sante Marie AQ

Event Period:

Festa di San Rocco e Madonna delle Grazie
Feast of San Rocco and Madonna delle Grazie - Patronal feast, in Toritto (Italy)
Toritto BA
patronal feast

Event Period:
first Sunday in September

Eurochocolate - in Perugia (Italy)

Event Period:

Sagra del Vino
Wine Festival - Food and wine event in Bivongi (Italy)
Bivongi RC
food and wine event

Event Period:
13 August

Sagra del Carciofo Moretto
Sagra del Carciofo Moretto -, in Brisighella (Italy)
Brisighella RA

Event Period:

Festa dei Santi Costantino ed Elena
Feast of the Saints Constantine and Elena - in Genoni (Italy)
Genoni SU

Event Period:
4-5-6 August

Events: festivals and festivals in Italy

Eventi, feste e sagre
Associazioni ed enti per la promozione del territorio, della cultura, e delle tradizioni locali

Traditional celebrations and festivals

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