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Friday 17 August 2018
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On this page we present a selection of Italian snorkeling and diving facilities, From which you can directly access the details page.
From the menu, select a province, you get a list of facilities for diving and snorkeling present in its territory.

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Elea Sub
Elea Sub - Diving Center in Dominella / Casal Velino (Italy)
Diving center
Casal Velino SA
- presso HydraHotel
- Dominella

Elea Sub is a diving inserted in the structure of the Hotel Club Hydra. Discounts for groups and diving schools. They dive in caves and in the open sea, from "Punta Licosa" to "Palinuro". Center equipped ...

A.S.D. Blunauta Divinvg Center Milazzo
ASD Blunauta Divinvg Center Milazzo - Scuba Diving in Capo Milazzo / Milazzo (Italy)
scuba diving
Milazzo ME
- Strada panoramica, c/o Camping Rivasmeralda
- Capo Milazzo

The diving center Blunauta born by the enthusiasm and passion of two marine biologists, Mauro ALIOTO and Milena MARIANO, always engaged in research and exploration of the wonders of the underwater world. The picturesque scenery of the seabed ...

9511 Diving Team
9511 Diving Team - Diving in Sardinia Putzu Idu / San Vero Milis (Italy)
Diving in Sardinia
San Vero Milis OR
- Lungomare
- Putzu Idu

He writes and reads 9511 ninety eleven: a number that sounds harmoniously to identify more than a tourist service center. 9511 not just a diving center, is first of all a group of friends that you ...

ASD Verona Sub Diving Club
ASD Verona Diving Sub Diving Club - Sommozzatori Federal School in Verona (Italy)
Federal school Diver
- piazzale Olimpia, 3

FIAS FEDERAL SCHOOL OF VERONA VERONA DIVERS DIVERS HIGH SCHOOL ASD Verona Sub Diving Club, affiliated to FIAS (Italian Federation of Underwater Activities), number iscriz. Register Clubs CONI 60577. ...

Associazione Nemo
Nemo Association - Association for the Dissemination of the Culture of the Sea in Ischia (Italy)
Association for the Dissemination of the Culture of the Sea
Ischia NA
- via Iasolino, 106

Ischia, Nemo organizes sports activities for leisure as courses and snorkeling trips. Even those who have no confidence with the sea can easily practice this activity in the summer without having ...

Adventure Diving Alghero
Adventure Diving Alghero - Alghero (Italy)
Alghero SS
- via Aggius, 14

The Adventure Diving organizes diving courses and underwater excursions and is the first organization to operate in the area of ​​Alghero in the North West of Sardinia. Specialized in cave diving thanks to the great variety and ...

Moonlight Sub Diving Center
Moonlight Sub Diving Center - Sant'Andrea di Foggia / Rapallo (Italy)
Rapallo GE
- via dei Maggiolo, 6
- Sant'Andrea di Foggia

Diving Center, Diving Center and Recreational / Tourist Diving Training, Diving School. Guided dives, within the Protected Marine Area Promontory of Portofino. Guided Night Scuba Diving (authorized sites). Diving ...

Ogliastra Diving
Ogliastra Diving - Diving and Snorkeling in Torre di Barì / Bari Sardo (Italy)
Diving and Snorkeling
Bari Sardo NU
- Torre di Barì

The Ogliastra Diving is an underwater center that is part of the NADD Diving Service - Global Diving Agency, organizes diving experiences for adults and children from the age of eight, junior courses, courses for recreational recreational divers, ...

Neptune - Residence and Diving in Marina del Cantone / Massa Lubrense (Italy)
Residence and Diving
Massa Lubrense NA
- via Amerigo Vespucci, 39
- Marina del Cantone

The Nettuno is located between Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, in the middle between Sorrento, Capri and Positano, in the bay of Marina del Cantone, a small paradise of the marine reserve "Punta Campanella"! Our residence (from 2 6 in beds) ...

Scuba-Doo Service
Scuba-Doo Service - Diving / Snorkeling in Bari Sardo (Italy)
Diving / Snorkeling
Bari Sardo NU
- viale della pineta, 64

The Scuba-Doo Service Diving Center was created to let people learn to appreciate and love an incredible resource that never disappoints us: our sea. Our main activities are the teaching of recreational diving, diving ...

Le Sirene
Sirens - Diving Center - Diving in Palmi (Italy)
Diving Center - Diving
Palmi RC
- località Sperone, 106

The Diving Le Sirene is located in the most beautiful part of the Calabrian coast, Costa Viola: 10 km of lush vegetation clinging to the rock that plunges into the cobalt blue sea of ​​Calabria. These depths are characterized not only ...

Santo Stefano Clubviaggi Maddalena
Santo Stefano Clubviaggi Maddalena - Holiday village - Club Travel World Resorts Sardinia La Maddalena (Italy)
Holiday village - Travel Club World Resorts Sardinia
La Maddalena SS
- Isola di Santo Stefano

Stephen Resort is the only accommodation on the island. Like an oasis, it fits perfectly in the beautiful Mediterranean, with pink granite structures and a sea that has nothing to envy to the Caribbean. The ...