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Thursday April 19 2018
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On this page we present a selection of Italian snorkeling and diving facilities, From which you can directly access the details page.
From the menu, select a province, you get a list of facilities for diving and snorkeling present in its territory.

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Santo Stefano Clubviaggi Maddalena
Santo Stefano Clubdays Maddalena - Holiday Village - Club Travel World Resorts Sardinia, in La Maddalena (Italy)
Holiday village - Travel Club World Resorts Sardinia
La Maddalena SS
- Isola di Santo Stefano

Stephen Resort is the only accommodation on the island. Like an oasis, it fits perfectly in the beautiful Mediterranean, with pink granite structures and a sea that has nothing to envy to the Caribbean. The ...

Bluintenso - Sub courses, in Cavallino-Treporti (Italy)
Diving courses
Cavallino-Treporti VE
- via Verazzano, 11

Hello my name is Alexander, I'm a diving instructor who follows the teaching SNSI, I'm a lover of the sea and nature in general, courses are held for the didactic part in Mestre while diving in the swimming pools of Mestre and ...

Nautilus Technical Diving Center
Nautilus Technical Diving Center - Scuba Diving, in Santo Stefano al Mare (Italy)
scuba diving
Santo Stefano al Mare IM
- via Gianni Cozzi, 1

Diving open 365 days a year located in the enchanting setting of the Marina degli Aregai, between Imperia and Sanremo. Services: - Sea baptisms - Diving and diving courses, both recreational and technical, customized, all the ...

Scuola Sub Blue Planet
Sub Planet School Blue Planet - in San Pietro / Lavagno (Italy)
Lavagno VR
- via Pasetto, 5
- San Pietro

Scuba diving school that operates from 10 years in Verona and Lake Garda with services Divimg reservation and diving courses from Open to the prestigious aid. Instructor and technical disciplines such as decompression and trimix. Releasing international patents SSI

Associazione Nemo
Nemo Association - Association for the Dissemination of Sea Culture, in Ischia (Italy)
Association for the Dissemination of the Culture of the Sea
Ischia NA
- via Iasolino, 106

Ischia, Nemo organizes sports activities for leisure as courses and snorkeling trips. Even those who have no confidence with the sea can easily practice this activity in the summer without having ...

Funny Diving School
Funny Diving School - Diving and Snorkeling at Marina di Barisardo / Bari Sardo (Italy)
Diving and Snorkeling
Bari Sardo NU
- viale della Pineta, 29
- Marina di Barisardo

The Funny Diving School is a young and dynamic organization that offers you the opportunity to get close to diving while having fun. The services offered by the Funny Diving School include recreational diving courses and ...

Diving Center Cecina
Diving Center Cecina - Centro Sub, in Marina di Cecina / Cecina (Italy)
Centro Sub
Cecina LI
- Via Volterra - Area portuale
- Marina di Cecina

The Diving Center Sub Cecina has been operating for years in the Tyrrhenian Sea, an area called "Secche di Vada". The dives suitable for all are divided into wonderful ciliate coralligenous rock where you can admire the "coral ...

Conca Sport
Conca Sport - Diving / Snorkeling in Massa Lubrense / Sorrento (Italy)
Diving / Snorkeling
Sorrento NA
- via Villazzano, 3
- Massa Lubrense

Comprehensive facilities and relaxation area to relive diving and designing new ones. Scuba diving in the waters of the Marine Park of Punta Campanella and courses with release patents SSI. Guided tours at sea with the diving equipment to discover the ...

Il Faro Diving
The Faro Diving - Diving, in Catania (Italy)
- piazza S.Maria della Guardia, 24

Designed and built specifically for diving the Lighthouse Diving will make you forget the fatigue and discomfort that usually involves diving. The diving base of the lighthouse is located in the heart of the city of ...

Moonlight Sub Diving Center
Moonlight Sub Diving Center - in Sant'Andrea di Foggia / Rapallo (Italy)
Rapallo GE
- via dei Maggiolo, 6
- Sant'Andrea di Foggia

Diving Center, Diving Center and Recreational / Tourist Diving Training, Diving School. Guided dives, within the Protected Marine Area Promontory of Portofino. Guided Night Scuba Diving (authorized sites). Diving ...

Diving Nord Adriatico
Diving North Adriatic - Diving in Jesolo (Italy)
Jesolo VE
- Piazzetta Faro

Diving suitable for schools, clubs, clubs and groups, plus 50 dive points with varying depths from 12 to 33 meters. Diving on the most beautiful Tegnue of the upper Adriatic, 12 wrecks from various eras, open from April to November and on ...

Only Sub Campomarino
Only Sub Campomarino - Diving, in Campomarino (Italy)
Campomarino CB
- via G. Pascoli, 10/a

Recreational Diving Courses aa all levels. Scuba diving tours to the Tremiti Islands. Beach Service for members

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