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Sunday October 22 2017
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Palazzo Manzoni - , a Forlì (Italia)
Forlì FC

At number 120 of Corso Garibaldi is Palazzo Manzoni, massive building which dates back to the sixteenth century. The facade on which ...
Valbiancara - , a Perugia (Italia)
Perugia PG

Valbiancara is located a few kilometers from Cenerente, at the foot of Mount Tezio. It is a rural aggregate consists of several blocks of flats ...

Palazzo del Balivo - , a Dorgali (Italia)
Dorgali NU

Palace of the Bailiff (the local head of the order Antonita hospital), XIII century. The ruins are still present in "Sa Serra" in Via ...
La Torre Civica - , a Gualtieri (Italia)
Gualtieri RE
- Piazza Bentivoglio

Located in the west side of the square, the Civic Tower was brought to completion between the 1599 and 1602. Of quadrangular plan, he gets up with ...

Palazzo Gottifredo - , a Alatri (Italia)
Alatri FR

Conceived in complete autonomy from the usual forms of medieval typological alatrina, this building, in the impressive ...
Castello di Sestola - , a Sestola (Italia)
Sestola MO

On a high rocky outcrop stands the ancient fortress, rebuilt in the mid-sixteenth century but of much more ancient origins. The ...

Teatro degli Arcimboldi - in Milan (Italy)
Milano MI
- Viale dell'Innovazione

The "Teatro degli Arcimboldi" (also known as "Teatro della Bicocca degli Arcimboldi" or the abbreviation TAM) is a ...
Reggia Carrarese - L’area della Reggia Carrarese, la Sala dei Giganti, la Loggia Carrarese e l’Accademia, a Padova (Italia)
The area of ​​the Reggia Carrarese, the Hall of Giants, the Loggia and the Accademia Carrara
Padova PD

The Reggia Carrarese With the construction of the palace as a residence, erected by Ubertino in the 1338, the family of Carraresi ...

Castello di Borgonovo Val Tidone - , a Borgonovo Val Tidone (Italia)
Borgonovo Val Tidone PC
- Piazza Garibaldi

Imposing rectangular building with towers, moat and drawbridge masonry; the amount keeps the setting of the '300, although the last ...
Slivia Castles - in Duino-Aurisina (Italy)
Duino-Aurisina TS

The fort of Slivia, dedicated to the great scholar Carlo Marchesetti, is one of many fortified villages on high ground of prehistoric times, ...

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