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Thursday February 22 2018
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Palazzo del Principe
Palazzo del Principe -, in Este (Italy)
Este PD

The building stands on the hill, was built by Contarini designed by Vincenzo Scamozzi, who wanted a central plan with hall of a Greek cross. It owes its name to an episode of its history, that is, when Alvise Contarini, ...

Torre Porta Poschiavina
Torre Porta Poschiavina -, in Tirano (Italy)
Tirano SO
- Largo Adda

In good condition are the three doors from which the village was opened: Porta Poschiavina connected with the Graubünden and the Engadine.

Castèl Valér
Castèl Valér -, in Tassullo / Ville d'Anaunia (Italy)
Ville d'Anaunia TN
- Tassullo

Castèl Valér flies alone on the sunny slope overlooking the Villa di Campo Tassullo, surrounded today by lush orchards and a few wooded areas, as if clinging to the very high octagonal tower, symbol of the Castle, ...

Castello di Loretello
Castle of Loretello - in Arcevia (Italy)
Arcevia AN

Loretello, where the red of the terracotta bricks stands out, is one of the most conserved and evocative medieval castles of the Arceviese. Almost intact are its walls, the ravelin, the door (where the mechanisms of the ...

Bosco di San Biagio o del Filetto
Bosco di San Biagio or del Filetto -, in Cisterna di Latina (Italy)
Cisterna di Latina LT

The Wood of the Fillet is what remains of a hunting reserve of the Caetani that extended along the vast area today between via Tivera, the San Valentino district and the locality Torrecchia. In October the 1589 was organized ...

Parco Archeologico di Canne della Battaglia
Archaeological Park of Canne della Battaglia -, in Barletta (Italy)
Barletta BT

The historic site of the clash between Romans and Carthaginians of 216 BC is now an archaeological area that encloses the hill occupied by the ancient city of Canne. The highest point of the hill is occupied by the plant of two ...

Aree archeologiche di San Valentino e Via Machiavelli
Archaeological areas of San Valentino and Via Machiavelli -, in Cisterna di Latina (Italy)
Cisterna di Latina LT

Other remains probably dating back to Roman times have been found in existing neighborhoods Valentine (particularly in the north of the Park where Pope John Paul II showed the remains of a road and a necropolis) and long ...

Palazzo Prati di Rovagnasco
Palazzo Prati di Rovagnasco -, in Alessandria (Italy)
- via XXIV Maggio, 2

(XVIII century) Spread over three floors (mezzanine, main floor with finely decorated ceilings, mezzanine). The entrance hall and the porch giving access to the stone staircase.

Aquae Neapolitanae e Terme di Sardara
Aquae Neapolitanae and Terme di Sardara -, in Sardara (Italy)
Sardara CI

Along the provincial road to Pabillonis, at the center of the immense plain of Campidano, a curve reveals the unusual appearance of an oasis of eucalyptus secular among which whitewash some buildings and a solitary church. We arrived ...

Palazzo del Podestà
Palazzo del Podestà -, in Bologna (Italy)

The Palazzo del Podestà of Bologna was created in approximately 1200, together with "Piazza Maggiore" as a building to perform public functions and therefore the seat of the mayor and its officials. The current set-up is very ...

Villa Rusca Sanchioli
Villa Rusca Sanchioli -, in Abbiategrasso (Italy)
Abbiategrasso MI

Building with a U-shaped plan is structured on two floors around a central courtyard bounded on the street front by a boundary wall with a central portal. The indication iconographic schema "U" is a correspondence ...

Villa Sultana
Villa Sultana -, in Ospedaletti (Italy)
Ospedaletti IM

It was built by the Marseilles Turin to architect Sébastien Marcel Biasini of Nice, while the painter Rodolfo Morgari he decorated the walls. Hosted between the 1911 and 1925, when it was closed for ...

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