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Wednesday 13 December 2017
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On this page we present a selection of tourist attractions, in particular, places of historical or artistic interest, from which you can directly access the details page.

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Borgo di Salci
Borgo di Salci - , a Città della Pieve (Italia)
Città della Pieve PG

The first news of this beautiful village, unfortunately abandoned, date back to 1243, the year chosen by Frederick II to define the boundaries of ...
Castello di Issogne
Issogne Castle - at La Place / Issogne (Italy)
La Place
Issogne AO

History The place where the castle stands was busy in Roman times. We have no information on how to use the late antique and early medieval ...

Scavi Archeologici località La Botte
Archaeological excavations La Botte -, in Cupello (Italy)
Cupello CH

Date back to the late imperial. Today there are the foundations and part of a building is likely attributable to a cistern of a ...
Monumento a Filippo V
Monument to Filippo V - in Palermo (Italy)
Palermo PA

Location: square Vittria

Castello Piccolomini
Castello Piccolomini - , a Celano (Italia)
Celano AQ
- Via del Castello

Castello Piccolomini is located in the historic center of Celano and overlooks the Fucino plain. Managed by MIBACT, it is part of the Musee Polo ...
Palazzo Costabili - Palazzo di Ludovico il Moro
Palazzo Costabili - Palazzo di Ludovico il Moro - , a Ferrara (Italia)
Ferrara FE
- Via XX Settembre

Costabili palace, also called Palazzo Ludovico il Moro, is located in Ferrara, on the ridge of 'Seising of Borso, Via XX Settembre 124. Today ...

Brancaleone Superiore
Brancaleone Superiore - Ruderi del borgo antico, a Brancaleone (Italia)
Ruins of the ancient village
Brancaleone RC

The Brancaleone Superiore origins, presumably date from the sixth-seventh century, with the presence of the monks who lived in caves churches-still ...
Tempio di Zeus Olimpico
Temple of Olympian Zeus - Valley of the Temples, in Agrigento (Italy)
Valley of the Temples
Agrigento AG

The complex dell'Olympeion focuses on the huge religious building, described in glowing terms by Diodorus (XIII 81, 1-4) and remembered by ...

Nuraghe Arrubiu
Nuraghe Arrubiu - in Orroli (Italy)
Orroli CI

The Nuraghe Arrubiu (Red Nuraghe), derives its name from the color that a basalt when it is covered by lichens. It is the only nuraghe ...
Lazzaretto o Mole Vanvitelliana
Lazzaretto or Mole Vanvitelliana - sec. XVIII, in Ancona (Italy)
sec. XVIII
Ancona AN

In a strategic and suggestive position, in the port area outside the old walls of the ancient city, the "Mole ...

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