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Sunday October 22 2017
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Former Convent of the Cappuccini Friars - headquarters of Enzo Maganuco Civic Library, in Acate (Italy)
based Public Library Enzo Maganuco
Acate RG
- Strada Provinciale 3

It was built in 1737 by Prince Vincent Paterno, very religious man. The work was highly appreciated by the faithful, but lasted just ...
Convent of the Cappuccini - in Morano Calabro (Italy)
Morano Calabro CS

The Capuchin monastery and in the adjoining church, dating back to 1606, you can admire an airy cloister, some turned altars of the eighteenth century, ...

Church of San Carlo - in Menaggio (Italy)
Menaggio CO
- via Castellino da Castello

We find the church San Carlo, which was built by Cinzio Calvi on the ancient castle ruins, so that would serve as a tomb for him and ...
Pieve di San Giovanni in Compito - , a Savignano sul Rubicone (Italia)
Savignano sul Rubicone FC

The first documented certification of the church of San Giovanni in Compito dates back to the seventh century. If they lose then the traces until the tenth century, when ...

Chiesa di Sant’Andrea - , a Iolo / Prato (Italia)
Prato PO

The church of Sant'Andrea in Iolo is located in via Gherardacci, in Iolo hamlet of Prato. It was built in the ancient castle, ...
Chiesa di Sant’Antonio - , a Piobbico (Italia)
Piobbico PU
- Piazza SantAntonio

Born in conception of a vote of Count Antonio Brancaleoni the late fourteenth century, the church dominates the market place, a result of enlargement ...

Monastero Benedettine di Santa Caterina - , a Potenza Picena (Italia)
Potenza Picena MC
- via Mariano Cutini

There are still uncertain the origins of the monastery and church of St. Catherine of Potenza Picena. According to a general Benedictine catalog, ...
Church of San Sebastiano Martire - in Valmontone (Italy)
Valmontone Roma

Small church with simple lines, built in the fifties of the twentieth century, in the district Rebirth service, instead of a ...

Cathedral of Palermo -, in Palermo (Italy)
Palermo PA

Location: Via Vittorio Emanuele was built in the twelfth century. by the Normans, on the site of a Christian basilica underwent alterations over the centuries ...
Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta detta “I Gesuiti” - , a Cannaregio / Venezia (Italia)
Venezia VE

The church of Santa Maria Assunta, called Jesuits, is a religious building in the city of Venice, located in the Cannaregio district, ...

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