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Thursday February 22 2018
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On this page we present a selection of Italian religious buildings, From which you can directly access the details page.
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Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli
Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli -, in Castello / Venezia (Italy)
- Castello

The church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is a church site in Venice, in the Castello district. In the second half of the fifteenth century there was a painting, located at one corner of the house merchant Lombard Angelo Amadi. Considered ...

Chiesa di San Gregorio Magno
Church of San Gregorio Magno - in Ferrara (Italy)
- Via Cammello

The church of San Gregorio Magno is a Catholic building in Ferrara within the first nucleus of the city settlement, the Byzantine Castrum (or castle of the Curtensi). The church is mentioned for the first time in a short passage of ...

chiesa parrocchiale di San Giacomo
Parish church of San Giacomo - in Mandas (Italy)
Mandas CI

The most important monument is the parish church of San Giacomo on the outskirts of the village, it is arranged towards the countryside surrounded by a wall. Apart from the Gothic-Aragonese structures of the '500, it preserves various and valid ...

Chiesa di San Lorenzo
Church of San Lorenzo - (IV-XII centuries), in Gozzano (Italy)
(IV-XII centuries)
Gozzano NO
- Via San Lorenzo

It is the oldest church of Gozzano, founded according to tradition by St. Giuliano at the end of the fourth century; the present building dates back to the twelfth century reconstruction with later alterations.

Santuario di Santa Maria del Carmine
Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Carmine -, in Montefalcone di Val Fortore (Italy)
Montefalcone di Val Fortore BN

The life of the sanctuary began in 1604, on the initiative of a devotee, James Zillante, San Giorgio la Molara (BN) who, relying solely on their faith and devotion, with the deals that went begging in the country and. ..

Oratorio del Beato Gherardo
Oratory of Beato Gherardo -, in Villamagna / Bagno a Ripoli (Italy)
Bagno a Ripoli FI
- Villamagna

The oratory consists of a simple rectangular room covered with a roof and without an apse. Although the building shows typical features of Romanesque architecture, it has a Gothic style structure. The façade is gabled and is open ...

Concattedrale di Sant'Agata
Concattedrale di Sant'Agata -, in Gallipoli (Italy)
Gallipoli LE

Works of great masters such as Joseph Zimbalo stonemasons, the cathedral is revealed, with its facade and its interior, a beautiful masterpiece of religious architecture in the Baroque style in the heart of the historic center.

Chiesa di San Rocco
Church of San Rocco -, in Dubbione / Pinasca (Italy)
Pinasca TO
- Dubbione

The Parish Church of Dubbione, dedicated to San Rocco, is dated 1847.

Chiesa dei Cappuccini
Church of the Capuchins -, in Bolzano (Italy)

The Capuchin Church is a Catholic place of worship in Bolzano, dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua and dates back to the 1600. The church is located near the historic center of Bolzano, between the cathedral and the church of the Dominicans, in via Cappuccini. ...

Pieve di San Giovanni in Compito
Pieve di San Giovanni in Compito - in Savignano sul Rubicone (Italy)
Savignano sul Rubicone FC

The first documented attestation of the church of San Giovanni in Compito dates back to the seventh century. Then they lose their traces until the 10th century, when they reappear in a parchment with the title of pieve. After numerous reconstructions and restorations, the ...

Cappella dell'Annunziata
Cappella dell'Annunziata -, in Lizzanello (Italy)
Lizzanello LE

The Chapel of the Annunciation was built in the sixteenth century by order of Count Francesco Paladini. The building has a simple rectangular facade framed by pilasters with a small window placed in line with the portal ...

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