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Wednesday October 18 2017
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Facilities for relaxation and well-being

Wellness, fitness, wellness, Have become terms that have been abused in recent years and often used as synonyms.
For some authors, well-being for an individual is its condition with respect to its ability to adapt to the environment.
The "adaptative" key introduces the concept of balance, according to which health is not a "state" but a dynamic equilibrium condition, based on the ability of the subject to interact with the environment in a positive way, albeit in continuous change Of the surrounding reality.
Following this new concept of well-being were introduced two terms: fitness and wellness.
The concept of fitness is born as a remedy to a life pattern that progress has given us sedentary and rich in saturated fat.
But the term that is quickly gaining a space in the daily lexicon and more than one part is used as a synonym for wellness is wellness, which represents an evolution of the concept of fitness.
In fact, the English term "wellness"Is coined in 1961 by Halbert Dunn by the combination of two terms"wellbeing"And"fitness.
Today Wellness is a term that means "a new lifestyle for psycho-physical well-being aimed at improving the quality of life through education to regular physical activity, balanced nutrition and a positive mental approach.
It means choosing to live well by combining the ancient adage "healthy mens in healthy body".
Wellness means well-being obtained with a healthy lifestyle, aiming at the harmony of body, mind and soul.
In fact, many authors define wellness as a psychological state rather than physical.
Among others Puczkò and Bacharov define 7 dimensions of well-being:

  • 1. Social wellness, A process that tends to improve social relationships with people with whom we are confronted in different contexts: family, friendships, work, etc.
  • 2. Physical wellness, A process designed to maintain a fit body through the right balance of elements such as regular exercise, minimal use of caffeine and alcohol, the right amount of sleep;
  • 3. Emotional wellness, Is the process that helps to establish positive emotions and face acceptance of oneself as a person;
  • 4. Wellness intellect, Is a process that intervenes on a mental and intellectual level in order to improve the understanding and acceptance of particular situations;
  • 5. Environmental wellness, Is the contribution that sustains the quality of life and the places where it lives: waste recycling, energy saving, support for the least environmental impact;
  • 6. Spiritual wellness, Tends to prove the value of one's own person through behavior and facts that can send positive signals to others;
  • 7. Professional wellness, Is to maintain the right and proper relationship with your work so that it is balanced with other aspects of life, more related to play and self-care.

As highlighted, the concept of well-being involves more dimensions.
We talk about wellness research in different contexts, but in particular, the pursuit of well-being is emphasized in free time.
Holiday is an important time to look for a lifestyle that contributes to the well-being of the person.
From this increasingly widespread need to devote their free time to the practice of wellness-related activities derives the birth and development of the "Wellness tourism"(Wellness tourism).

The Italian text is taken from:
- Wellness tourism survey - Umbria region

Some options for your holiday
Found 1024 Wellness / Wellness hotels in Italy

Palace Hotel - Wellness Hotel with pool in Rivoltella / Desenzano del Garda (Italy)
Wellness Hotel Pool
Desenzano del Garda BS

- viale T. Agello, 114/a

Located near a free public car park, the "Palace Hotel" boasts 2 pools, including one with panoramic views of Lake ...
Ramada Encore Bologna Fiera - Hotel with wellness center and restaurant in Bologna (Italy)
Hotel, spa and restaurant
Bologna BO
- via Ferrarese, 164

Located 5-minute drive from the exhibition center "BolognaFiere", the Ramada Encore Bologna Fiera has a spa, a gym ...

Hotel Regina Elena 57 & White Gold - Wellness Hotel with restaurant in Marina Centro / Rimini (Italy)
Wellness Hotel Restaurant
Marina Centro
Rimini RN

- Viale Regina Elena, 57

A few minutes walk from the historic center of Rimini, Hotel Regina Elena 57 & Oro Bianco offers free Wi-Fi and stylish rooms ...
Hotel Des Alpes - Wellness Hotel & Restaurant in Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy)
Wellness Hotel & Restaurant
Cortina d'Ampezzo BL
- via La Verra, 2

A 2 km from the center of Cortina d'Ampezzo and the cable car Tofana, Hotel Des Alpes offers Alpine-style rooms, a spa, and services ...

Hotel Granta Parey - Hotel with wellness center and restaurant in Rhêmes-Notre-Dame (Italy)
Hotel, spa and restaurant
Rhêmes-Notre-Dame AO
- Località Chanavey, 23

It situated right opposite the ski lifts and the ski cross-country trails, just 10-minute walk from the center of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Hotel ...
Hotel Terentnerhof - Hotel with spa & restaurant in Terento (Italy)
Spa hotel and restaurant
Terento BZ
- Strada del Sole, 7

Hotel Terentnerhof is set just outside Terento, 18 km from the ski area Plan de Corones. It offers a free ski bus, ...

Hotel Tiffany & Resort - Hotels, with health club, swimming pool and restaurant in Valverde / Cesenatico (Italy)
Hotel, spa, pool and restaurant
Cesenatico FC

- Viale Amedeo Modigliani, 25

Located in Valverde, just 2-minute walk from the beach and 3 km from the center of Cesenatico, the structure 3 star Hotel Tiffany offers a rental ...
Mont Blanc Hotel Village - Luxury Hotel with Spa, Pool and Restaurant in La Salle (Italy)
Luxury hotel with spa, pool and restaurant
La Salle AO
- località La Croisette, 36

The Mont Blanc Hotel Village offers beautiful views of Mont Blanc, indoor and outdoor pools and free services, such as access to the center ...

Hotel Miramare e Castello - Wellness Hotel & Fine Restaurant in Ischia Porto / Ischia (Italy)
Wellness Hotel & Fine Restaurant
Ischia Porto
Ischia NA

- via Pontano, 5

Hotel Miramare Castle is located near the village of Ischia Ponte, in front of the Aragonese Castle and the islands of Vivara and ...
Hotel Gerstgras - Relax & Gourmet Hotel Schnalstal in Maso Corto / Senales (Italy)
Relax & Gourmet Hotel Schnalstal
Maso Corto
Senales BZ

- Località Maso Corto, 7

Family Weithaler Johann In summer and winter, is a little paradise in the Alps, surrounded by beautiful nature in the middle of mythical ...

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