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Friday 17 August 2018
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On this page we present a selection of "Italian winemaking companies", from which you can directly access the details page.
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Valle di Assisi Hotel & Resort
Valley of Assisi Hotel & Resort - Hotels, with Spa & Swimming Pool - Restaurant - Wineries in Santa Maria degli Angeli / Assisi (Italy)
Hotel, spa, and swimming pool - Restaurant - Cellars
Assisi PG
- via San Bernardino da Siena
- Santa Maria degli Angeli

Located at the foot of "Monte Subasio", the Valley of Assisi is surrounded by 60 hectares of untouched Umbrian countryside, and features a terrace overlooking Assisi, which is located in 4 km. The day begins with a buffet breakfast ...

Azienda Vinicola Benanti
Benanti Winery - Winery in Viagrande (Italy)
Viagrande CT
- via Garibaldi, 361

At the end of the XNXX Giuseppe Benanti, grandfather of the current Giuseppe, started the production of Etna wines in a new farm on the slopes of Etna. In 800 Giuseppe resumed the ancient family passion, reproducing the ancient fragrances with ...

Chiusa Grande
Chiusa Grande - Farm - Organic Wines in Nocciano (Italy)
Farm - Organic Wines
Nocciano PE
- contrada Casali

Wines "Chiusa Grande": The wines of the Abruzzese peasant thought Making a wine is quite easy. Difficult to create a nectar of grapes, capable of expressing the philosophical thought of a territory. Wines "Closed ...

Agricola Conti Zecca
Agricola Conti Zecca - Winery in Leverano (Italy)
Leverano LE
- via Cesarea

The family moved to Mint '500 from Naples to Leverano, attracted by the fertile lands of this country. With the passage of time, the estate grew and in 1935 Count Alcibiades Mint outfitted the cellar, making ...

Azienda Agraria Claudio Morelli
Azienda Agraria Claudio Morelli - Winery in Fano (Italy)
Fano PU
- viale Romagna, 47/B

Situated on a hill, on the ground tuff and sand, consists of 20 hectares of vineyard. The production structure is composed of a winery located in Mondavio, and a bottling hall with a Fano ...

Terra dei Re
Land of Kings - Winery in Rionero in Vulture (Italy)
Rionero in Vulture PZ
- via Monticchio Km 2.700

The ancient heart of the Aglianico del Vulture has a noble future: Land of the Kings. The company has eleven hectares of vineyards located in the Barile countryside in the districts, strongly suited for the production of Aglianico del Vulture, ...

Di Tullio Vini del Molise
Tullio Wines of Molise - Wineries - Winery in Campomarino (Italy)
Wine production - Cellar
Campomarino CB
- contrada Cianaluca, 38

The winery located on the Molise coast of Campomarino, in perfect harmony with the environment, for years dedicated its activity to the processing of the land, obtaining excellent results. From the great passion for nature and from ...

Torre Gaia
Torre Gaia - Winery in Dugenta (Italy)
Dugenta BN
- via Boscocupo, 11

The company, located in the territory of Sannio Benevento, area of ​​ancient wine tradition, combines attention to technological progress with respect for tradition, as evidenced by the ancient villa, home of the hotel. The ...

Arunda / Vivaldi
Arunda / Vivaldi - Winery in Mölten (Italy)
Meltina BZ
- via Civico, 53

The company, owned by the Reiterer family, has no proprietary vineyards but receives Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero grapes from trusted South Tyrolean winemakers. It has a simple cellar, but studied in a rational way for ...

Vigneti Zicca
Zicca Vineyards - Winery - Wine Cellar in Elini (Italy)
Winery - Wine Cellar
Elini NU
- Piazza Maria Grazia Deledda, 13

Winery founded in 1978, founded by Francis Zicca. We produce grapes and wine Cannonau Corru Trabutzu, high quality, we meet only the best local market with small productions run ...

Avide Vinicola
Greedy Winery - Winery in Comiso (Italy)
Comiso RG
- contrada Mastrella, 346

It dominates a landscape marked by labyrinthine and geometric dry stone walls, often dominated by shady carob trees. The company was founded over a hundred years ago for the passion of the Demosthenes and Calcaterra families. Today Giovanni Calcaterra deals with ...

Azienda Agricola Ceraudo Roberto
Azienda Agricola Ceraudo Roberto - Winery at loc. Marina di Strongoli / Strongoli (Italy)
Strongoli KR
- contrada Dattilo
- loc. Marina di Strongoli

Lush vineyards and centuries-old olive groves spread over the hills of Contrada Dattilo, in Strongoli, in a characteristic village of 1600 overlooking the Ionian Sea. From these lands and from the work of man born wines of passion for the ...

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