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Thursday March 22 2018
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It protected natural areas, also commonly called natural oasis, with function of maintaining the environmental balance of a given place, increasing its biodiversity.
On this page we present a list of Protected Areas (Regional and National Parks, Nature Reserves, WWF, Marine Protected Areas, etc.) belonging to the territory of the Italian republic.
In the first part you will find the list of entries in the database, we present some info accompanied by preview. For a list, select a region from the menu.
On this page we present a list of "Protected Natural Areas" concerning the Italian regions, of which we present some info accompanied by preview.

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Found 292 Parks, reserves and natural oases in Italy

Riserva naturale di Zompo lo Schioppo
Zompo lo Schioppo Natural Reserve - Italy

Among the Abruzzi Mountains, the waterfalls are quite rare due to the strong karstiness of their limestone rocks, which already in high altitude ...

Parco del Trasimeno
Trasimeno Park - Italy

The establishment of the Trasimeno Park (1995) is of paramount importance to preserve a delicate natural environment, made tough ...

Parco Delta del Po Emilia Romagna
Po Delta Park of Emilia Romagna - Italy

Majestic horizon framed by secular woods, pine forests and oases that alternate with architectural testimonies dating back to golden age ...

Parco Fluviale del Tevere
River Tiber River Park - Italy

The Tiber River Park (1995, 7.925 hectares) winds along 50 kilometers of river, from the hill of Todi to the oasis of Alviano passing ...

Pineta demaniale Lido di Volano
Denominational pond Lido di Volano - Italy

The Pineta demaniale offers extraordinary possibilities for hikers of hiking in the nature: it is a natural oasis where it is ...

Oasi di Canneviè
Oasis of Canneviè - Italy

The Oasi di Cannevié is an important naturalistic area and is located near the town of Volano, between the Bosco ...

Giara di Gesturi
Giara di Gesturi - Italy

The park includes the plank, the slopes and the footpath of the Giara, called Gesturi, a center that owns the largest part ...

Riserva Naturale di Monte Arcosu
Monte Arcosu Nature Reserve - Italy

The Monte Arcosu Reserve, the largest and most important oasis managed by Wwf, protects one of the most interesting areas of the area ...

Oasi Lipu di Carloforte
Oasis Lipu of Carloforte - Italy

Situated on St. Peter's Island, approximately 6 kilometers from the southwest coast of Sardinia, the Oasi Lipu of Carloforte includes the craggy area and ...

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