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Monday 20 August 2018
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baths and spa treatments

Thermal Spa - SPA in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

baths and spa treatments
Le Terme (also called "Spa" or "Spa") are buildings, public or private, located at the hot springs, and equipped with facilities for the administration of both academic and alternative medical therapies (wellness centers and spa treatments).

In questa pagina Vi presentiamo una selezione di “Centri di cura termale” del Friuli-Venezia Giulia, da cui potete accedere direttamente alle scheda di presentazione individuale.

Wellness for body and soul

To regenerate the Emperors

Choose the Friuli Venezia Giulia also means diving into an oasis of well-being and care of the body.
Combining centuries-old tradition in the thermal baths and herbal with a wide range of innovative techniques, the three spa centers in the region promise to turn your holiday into a relaxing and rejuvenating never felt before.
With FVG Card also aesthetic and beauty treatments offered by spas Grado and Lignano are discounted 30%.

The ancient Romans were the first to discover the therapeutic effects of the mineral water from the source that supplies the Pudia of Arta Terme (UD).
Pure air and balmy, unspoiled nature and a geo-climate particularly conducive to energy recovery - Arta is characterized by a mild mountain climate at low altitude (just 420 meters above sea level) - create the ideal conditions for adventure holidays well-being.
The curative powers of this valuable source are perfect to combat respiratory diseases, diseases of the liver and skin, arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Pending the completion of the third pavilion, which will house an extensive physiotherapy and a sauna and relaxation area, spa Aquadea is active, a large complex with beauty, weight loss, wellness, aesthetic medicine, tanning, perfumery holistic .

Saltwater pools, thermal waters and sand are the spearheads of the wellness center of Grado - spa in vogue during the Hapsburg Empire - famed for the extraordinary healing properties of natural elements available.
Rich in microorganisms and minerals, Grado sands are a cure for rheumatic illnesses, joint disorders and rehabilitation.
Sand, but not only.
The flagship of a cutting-edge facility is the Thermal Park Water, which offers FVG Card 25% discount on the price of admission.
The complex offers access to a swimming pool with whirlpool spa and waterfall jets to tone the body as well as games, trampolines and bar service within the pool.

Always in a seaside location, but immersed in a centuries old pine forest facing the Adriatic, the Terme di Lignano Sabbiadoro exploit, with cutting edge techniques thalassotherapy, the powerful healing properties of the combination formed by water and sun.
These therapies based on sea water are ideal for treating osteoarthritis and, through a process of atomization, diseases of the respiratory system.
The property also boasts a well-known beauty center which offers initial checkups and personalized pathways to fight and win the cellulite, stress, excess weight, with methods that combine the care of the body and the pleasure of being pampered.

Wellness Featured:

  • Health: sand baths, thalassotherapy, balneotherapy, ozonized baths, water massage, therapy, physiotherapy, mekhydro, chromotherapy (do not miss the new heated waterbeds Hydrocare).
  • Beauty: in addition to traditional treatments (facial cleansing and care, depilation, drainage, anti-cellulite) regional centers offer skin checks, personalized slimming programs, glycolic acid peel, mesotherapy, reflexology, panthermal, lymphatic drainage and biostimulation.
  • wellness: Shiatsu, Thai, Ayurvedic, aromatherapy, holistic massage, light baths, special massages with waves of water, stone and Tuina massages.

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