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Monday 20 August 2018
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baths and spa treatments

Thermal Spa - SPA in Emilia Romagna

baths and spa treatments
Le Terme (also called "Spa" or "Spa") are buildings, public or private, located at the hot springs, and equipped with facilities for the administration of both academic and alternative medical therapies (wellness centers and spa treatments).

In questa pagina Vi presentiamo una selezione di “Centri di cura termale” dell’ Emilia Romagna, da cui potete accedere direttamente alle scheda di presentazione individuale.

Emilia Romagna Spa, your new harmony

In Emilia Romagna wellness blends with the pleasure.
Among cities of art, charm and friendly people the Baths environments of this region offer effective treatment and rehabilitation treatments, innovative healthy paths and new wellness programs.
In addition, culture, nature, food and wine of a unique area in the world will make it relaxing and rejuvenating your holidays.

The thermal water is not all the same.
Therapeutic and rehabilitative treatments of proven efficacy, routes healthy and wellness programs avant-garde.
A unique area in the world, where culture, nature, food and wine are expressed at high levels.
You Emilia Romagna, pleasantly unique as the emotions that it offers.
As unique as the thermal water that flows from his homeland, to experience the most relaxing and rejuvenating spa vacation.
Come to the Terme Emilia Romagna, between cities, environments charm and friendly people.

The Treatments of Emilia Romagna
Salsomaggiore Terme - Terme di Tabiano - Terme di Sant'Andrea - Terme di Monticelli - Terme di Cervarezza - Terme della Salvarola - Terme Felsinee - Terme di Castel San Pietro - Terme dell'Agriturismo Terme di Riolo - Terme di Brisighella - Terme di Castrocaro - Terme della Fratta - Bagno di Romagna Terme - Riccione Terme - Riminiterme - Terme di Cervia - Terme di Punta Marina - Thermae Oasis - Terme di Porretta


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Terme di Porretta
Porretta Terme - Spa in Haut-Rhin Spa Centre (Emilia Romagna)
Alto Reno Terme BO
- via Roma, 5

The Terme di Porretta, thanks to the wealth of mineral substances dissolved in its waters, boast a distinctive factor compared to many spas. In fact, they use the healthy properties of different sources and the precious ...

Terme della Salvarola & Balnea
Salvarola Spa & Balnea - Thermal Park & ​​Spa - Hotel Restaurant in Sassuolo (Emilia Romagna)
thermal park with spa - Hotel Restaurant
Sassuolo MO
- via Salvarola, 137

The Balnea Wellness Center, open 7 days on 7, offers 2.300 square meters totally dedicated to wellness and psychophysical reactivation. A real oasis available to those who want to feel good, feel fit and improve their ...

Terme di S'Andrea
Terme di S'Andrea - Centro Termale a Sant'Andrea Bagni / Medesano (Emilia Romagna)
Thermal Centre
Medesano PR
- via Ponci, 1
- Sant'Andrea Bagni

THERMAL WATERS Mineral alkaline, sulfur-magnesium chlorinated sodium, ferruginous potassium SERVICES - Hydropinic care - thermal baths - inhalation treatments MORE THAN 8 sources of healing mineral waters

Terme di Monticelli
Terme di Monticelli - Hydrotherapy center in Monticelli Terme / Montechiarugolo (Emilia Romagna)
Montechiarugolo PR
- via alle Terme
- Monticelli Terme

Two types of water: strong salsobromoiodica and sulphurous that flow from precious springs. Parma, an extraordinary city of art, is just 10 km. A few steps from the Center are food and wine tours and cycle tours. ...

Terme San Luca - Pluricenter
Terme San Luca - Pluricenter - Thermal Centre in Bologna (Emilia Romagna)
Thermal Centre
- via Agucchi, 4/2 (angolo via Emilia Ponente)

In 1986 the first big "fitness temple" was born in Bologna: in Via Agucchi the Pluricenter is inaugurated. After an important renovation, in the 2008 the Pluricenter opens the doors to the thermal waters and proposes itself again as a ...

Terme di Tabiano
Tabiano - Spa "Respighi" Tabiano Terme / Salsomaggiore Terme (Emilia Romagna)
spa "Respighi"
Salsomaggiore Terme PR
- Via alle Terme, 32
- Tabiano Terme

Waters of Tabiano Terme Sulfur-sulphate-calcium-magnesium Spa center Respighi: Services - thermal cures - rehabilitation of the respiratory tract - voice rehabilitation - ear rehabilitation and motor in ...

Grand Hotel Terme Roseo
Grand Hotel Terme Roseo - Hotel with spa, restaurant - cue Center spa in Bagno di Romagna (Emilia Romagna)
Hotel, spa, restaurant - cue spa center
Bagno di Romagna FC
- piazza Ricasoli, 15

The old palace of accounts Biozzi in Bagno di Romagna is the Grand Hotel Terme Roseo. The noble building has returned to its former glory after a careful restoration that has maintained the harmonious features ...

Riccione Terme
Riccione Spa - Hydrotherapy center in Riccione (Emilia Romagna)
Riccione RN
- via Torino, 4/16

Oasis of wellness and health, Riccione offers a unique and regenerating holiday! Surrounded by an immense park stands the modern Spa Center of Riccione, in which from 4 thermal springs gush out the waters rich in elements that give health and ...

Terme di Brisighella
Terme di Brisighella - Spa Centre in Brisighella (Emilia Romagna)
Thermal Centre
Brisighella RA
- via delle Terme, 12

In the thermal establishment of Brisighella sulphurous and salsobromoiodic waters are used in the care of the various organs and systems. In this way the active principles of water can be inhaled through: aerosols, inhalations, nebulisations, ...

Terme Felsinee
Felsinee Terme - Thermal Centre in Bologna (Emilia Romagna)
Thermal Centre
- via di Vagno, 7

The Ministry of Health has recognized at the Terme Felsinee 2 types of healing waters: Bicarbonate-sulphate-calcium waters that treat arthritic and rheumatic forms, have diuretic effects and facilitate the elimination of uric acid; the ...

SPA Terme di Punta Marina
SPA Terme di Punta Marina - Spa and Wellness Center at Punta Marina Terme / Ravenna (Emilia Romagna)
Spa and Wellness Center
- via Colombo, 161
- Punta Marina Terme

Thermal waters Salso-bromo-iodica-calcica-magnesiaca Services Thermal treatments Rehabilitative care Indoor thermal pool Center Aesthetic Medicine Wellness center Pediatric ward Poliambulatorio Instrumental investigations ...

Terme di Cervia
Terme di Cervia - Hydrotherapy center in Cervia (Emilia Romagna)
Cervia RA
- viale Forlanini, 16

The ancient, fresh maritime pinewood, the canals and the ponds, the sea: everything that surrounds and surrounds the Cervia Spa seems to have been born to help physical and inner well-being. The ancient saltworks of Cervia, evocative and magical, offer ...

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