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Monday 20 August 2018
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Cheese and salami

That Emilia Romagna is famous mainly for its sausages and cheese is not a mystery.
On the other hand, no other region of Italy can boast a much broader production and a variety of products so thick one more good than the other.
Among the cheeses Emiliano-Romagnoli, the king is absolutely the "Parmigiano Reggiano" a delicacy exported and envied around the world.
Other dairy products are noteworthy, then, the "Pecorino di Fossa", made from goat's milk and sheep, and the soft "squacquerone" ideal filling for tortillas.
Regarding the salami, instead, there is first to make a distinction between small and not intended for cooking meats.
Among those intended for cooking, there are two that are now part of the Christmas tradition throughout Italy: the "knuckle" and the "sausage" consumed, along with lentils, New Year's Eve.
Still to cook there are the "salama da sugo", the priest's hat "and the special" Belecot "that should be eaten only after it has boiled.
The traditional sausages that produces the region are many and almost all are real delicacies recognized by the DOP
Recall the "Mortadella Bologna", the "culatello Zibello", the "Parma ham", the "cup of Piacenza", the "Felino salami" and the "shoulder of San Secondo": all meats traditionally used as an accompaniment to "fried dumplings", another typical product of the place.


Desserts Emilia Romagna does not want to be outdone and for that pulls a lot of simple and tasty recipes.
Among all dominates the "Gingerbread", arrived to this day directly from the Renaissance along with "spongata".
Other sweets are the "rice cake", the "crackers", the "frappe", the "donut", the "bracciatelli" (aniseed biscuits), the "sabadoni" (pastries filled with jam and cooked chestnuts) The "cake noodles", the "fave of the dead", the "africanetti" and "panna cotta".


The hilly areas of Emilia Romagna generous offer a wide production of wine, excellent as an accompaniment to the regional and, above all, to local meats.
To remember is definitely the "Lambrusco", a sparkling wine that will fit even the dessert in the "lovable".
Among others we mention the "Pignoletto", the "Malvasia", the "Gutturnio", the "Bonarda", the "Sauvignon" and "Bosco Eliceo".

Traditional products from Emilia-Romagna

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"SALAM Zentil" in Romagna to pronounce it in dialect, takes its name from the natural pork entrails, the thickest part of the intestine and terminal. It is a salami of about 1 kg. weight, 50 / 60 cm. of length, ...

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Spongata di Busseto
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Culatello, culatel
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