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Monday June 25 2018
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The DOC and DOCG wines of the Province of Arezzo

The wines of Arezzo Terre are Chianti Colli Arezzo (in 1967 DOC, DOCG in 1984), Valdichiana (originally Black Virgin of DOC Valdichiana in 1970, modified in Valdichiana and includes a selection of red and white wines in 1999), Cortona ( DOC in 1999 for a variety range of wines and vin santo) and Pietraviva (DOC in 2005).
The recent increase in prestige of the Aretine hills is perhaps to be given more to red wines not yet classified than those DOC, although the quality is significantly improved in all categories.

DOCG Chianti Colli Aretini
Red wine consists mainly of Sangiovese (from 75% to 100%) with a percentage up to 10% of Canaiolo Nero, up to 10% Trebbiano or Malvasia and another 10% of red varieties authorized and permitted in the mix.
The wine, with a minimum alcohol content of 12%, can not be marketed until June of the year following the harvest.
The Reserve, with a minimum alcohol content of 12,5%, must be aged for 26 months before release.

Vin Santo del Chianti DOC Colli Aretini
dessert wine whose taste can vary from moderately sweet to moderately dry made entirely from white grapes (at least 70% of Trebbiano Toscano and / or Malvasia) dried for a few months after the harvest and then crushed.
Desserts must obtained from pigiature must be left to age in barrels for at least 3-4 years. Vinsanto, with a minimum alcohol content of 16%, has a sweet, rich taste and a deep amber color.
It can be left to age for decades.

Vin Santo del Chianti Colli Aretini Occhio di Pernice DOC
This version is mainly made from Sangiovese (minimum 50%) and other red or white grapes permitted.
Occhio di Pernice and reserve require the same period of aging of the classic Vin Santo and their minimum alcohol content must be of 17%.

Val di Chiana DOC
The wide Chiana valley has gained importance for over a century with its lively white wines, characterized by a marked aftertaste of almond, a type that has been officially categorized in 1972 as White Vergine Valdichiana DOC based on Trebbiano Toscano.
Although the wine still has its supporters today, manufacturers have realized that the rolling hills of the valley are also suitable to accommodate other varieties of vines such as, for example, Sangiovese has always housed in these lands, but has been underestimated until recently.
The same fate has befallen the white Grechetto, a native vine, and Chardonnay, which needs no introduction.
The DOC has been modified and expanded in the nineties to allow entry to the vin santo and a range of red and white wines usually designed to be appreciated young.
The area extends to the province of Siena around Montepulciano, Chiusi and Sinalunga.
Valdichiana White or Black Virgin of the Val di Chiana - Valdichiana Rosato - Valdichiana Red - Valdichiana Chardonnay - Valdichiana Grechetto - Sangiovese Valdichiana

Cortona DOC
The vineyards around the hill town of Cortona were already famous more than a hundred years ago for red and white wines than they are at present.
The designation was recognized in 1999 11 for variety of wines, for the rosé and 2 types of Vin Santo.
Although the brands have only appeared in the market recently, the wines of the best companies have added new prestige to Cortona.
All varieties of wine must be obtained at least dall'85% from the vine.
The whites must have an alcohol content of at least 11% and can not be submitted before 1 April of the year following the harvest.
All types of wine can take the name of the individual vines when the thing is justified.
Cortona Cabernet Sauvignon - Chardonnay Cortona - Cortona Gamay - Cortona Merlot - Pinot Blanc Cortona - Cortona Pinot Noir - Riesling Italico Cortona - Cortona Sangiovese - Cortona Sauvignon - Syrah Cortona - Cortona Rosato - Vinsanto Cortona - Cortona Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice

Pietraviva DOC
The new DOC Pietraviva includes the municipalities of Pergine Valdarno, Civitella Val di Chiana, Bucine, Montevarchi and Cavriglia, all located in the Valdarno Aretino.
Pietraviva White: produced from Chardonnay to 10 80%, Malvasia Bianca Toscana up to 30%, Trebbiano Toscano up to 20%.
They could help other white grapes recommended and / or authorized in the province of Arezzo, present in the vineyards up to a maximum of 30%.
Pietraviva Pietraviva Rosso and Rosato: manufactured by Sangiovese from 10 all'80%, up to 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot up to 70%.
They could help other red grapes recommended and / or authorized in the province of Arezzo, present in the vineyards up to a maximum of 30%.
The Pietraviva Wines with long white Malvasia specifications, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, black Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Merlot and Sangiovese must be made from grapes of the corresponding vines present in the vineyards in the enterprise for at least 85%.
Could help other grape varieties of the same color as that of the specified grape variety on the label and not aromatic, recommended and / or authorized in the province of Arezzo, present in the vineyards up to a maximum of 15%.

other Wines
Many manufacturers of the province of Arezzo produce alternative wines, some under the IGT Toscana o Colli della Toscana Centrale.
At the top of the list there is the red "Super Tuscans" which is obtained from the local Sangiovese or from some prestigious ones. foreign varieties such as Cabernet and Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Syrah, both alone and in combination.
The cellars of the area can also produce wine under the designation Colli Etruria Centrale DOC (Bianco, Rosato, Rosso or Vermiglio and Vin Santo).

On this page we present a selection of Italian wine companies.
Selecting a municipality or a province, you get a list of wineries / wine producers located in the territory.

Fattoria Petrolo
Farm - Outstanding Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Bucine AR
- Via Petrolo, 30
- Mercatale Valdarno

Services: Heating - Sale agricultural products - Hairdryer - Fax service - Satellite TV - Internet access - Wi-Fi - Garden Park or Just - Pets are Welcome - Just Parking - ...

Agricola Poggi del Chianti
Cavriglia AR
- S.P. 408 Strada di Montevarchi Km 35.300
- Morellino

Getting there: both from north and south exit VALDARNO of Autostrada del Sole, take a right towards Montevarchi, take the sp 408 direction Siena, arrived at Km.35.300 turn following ...

Tenuta Vitereta
Laterina AR
- via Casa Nuova, 108/1

Capacity for about 5000 hectoliters of wine, air-conditioned, the area used humidified aging. Getting there: From Florence: exit Valdarno for Newfoundland, to St. Justin, for Vitereta; ...

Il Borro
Loro Ciuffenna AR
- loc. Borro, 1
- San Giustino Valdarno

Wine & Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Made in Italy

Aziende vinicole
Produttori Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva
Strade del vino e dei sapori - Consorzi
Agriturismo e “Country house”