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Wednesday April 25 2018
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La Villa Bellini
- Via Etnea

In Via Etnea, the living room of Catania, on a surface of about 70.940 sqm develops Villa Bellini, one of the most beautiful public gardens in Europe thanks to the wealth of its heritage ...

Porta Ferdinandea
- Piazza Palestro

Built in the 1768, as a triumphal arch, to celebrate the marriage of King Ferdinand IV of Naples with Maria Carolina of Austria. Also called Porta Garibaldi is known by the people of Catania ...

Teatro Bellini o Teatro Massimo
- Piazza Vincenzo Bellini

The Massimo Theater "Vincenzo Bellini" is the center of representation of the work of Catania. The theater was inaugurated on the evening of 31 May 1890, with the opera Norma of the composer ...

Castello Ursino
- Piazza Federico di Svevia

Construction of square shape, 63 meters side with wide walls 3 meters, surrounded by moat was equipped with drawbridge. Built by Frederick II of Swabia, and by architect Riccardo ...

Fontana dell'Amenano

Located in Piazza Duomo, at the mouth of the Pescheria. The people of Catania have called it "sheet water", with the emblem of the city at the front. IS ...

Porta Uzeda
- Via Etnea

It was built in the 1695 to give a logical and useful outlet to the sea to the way that, like it, had been named after the Viceroy Francesco Paceco Duke of Uzeda. The route indicated above was ...

Fontana dell'Elefante
- Piazza Duomo

The Elephant Fountain is a monument built between 1735 and 1737 by architect Giovan Battista Vaccarini. It is located in the center of the Piazza Duomo and its element ...

Palazzo Municipale
Palace of the Elephants
- Piazza Duomo

It was built after the 1963 earthquake, it is quadrangular in shape and each façade has an entrance hallway offered to the community. To its realization contributed, between ...

Castello di Calatabiano
Calatabiano CT
- Monte Castello

A spectacular night lighting makes sure that the Calatabiano Castle is visible from the highway Catania - Messina, creating an almost surreal atmosphere: a long row of lights seems ...

Palazzo Municipale o Loggia Giuratoria
Acireale CT
- Piazza del Duomo

The Town Hall, or "Loggia Giuratoria", baroque-spectacular facility, was designed after the 1640 and remodeled in the eighteenth century. To admire the ...

Monastero San Benedetto
- Via Crociferi 11 - ingresso via Teatro Greco, 2

The Monastery of St. Benedict, in Via Crociferi, already Heritage Site, is one of the symbols of the city of Catania, recognizable from the arch that opens on the street and ...

Castello degli Schiavi
Fiumefreddo di Sicilia CT
- SP 71-1

The Castle of slaves is located on the via Marina, formerly Via Mulinelli, which leads from Fiumefreddo di Sicilia to Marina di Cottone, the castle is an expression of the Baroque ...

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