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Saturday October 21 2017
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Province of Siracusa

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- 21 Italian municipalities
- Population: 404.271 inhabitants
- Surface: 2.108,90 sq km
- Density: 191 inhabitants per square km

It faces east and south of the Ionian Sea, bordered north and west by the Province of Catania, on the west by the Province of Ragusa.
The city extends in part on the promontory-island of Ortigia, and partly on land, growing in the wide bay of Porto Grande and the Gulf of the small port on the Ionian Sea.
It is home to business and industry and is one of the most important archaeological sites boasting beaches and resorts within the foreground.
City Corinth, was born in 734 BC; ruled by the tyrant Gelone (485-478 BC), who was succeeded by Hieron (478-467 BC), he defeated the Athenians in 415 BC and clash with the Carthaginians under Dionisio (406-367 BC) and his successors.
Under Hieron II (269-215 BC Syracuse enjoyed a long period of prosperity.
It was then, in 212 BC, conquered by the Romans.
Nell'878 was occupied by the Arabs; in Mille she came under the Normans and in the fourteenth century under the Aragonese.

List of Municipalities of the Province:

Province of Siracusa

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