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Saturday October 21 2017
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Province of Ragusa

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- 12 Italian municipalities
- Population: 318.549 inhabitants
- Surface: 1.614,00 sq km
- Density: 197 inhabitants per square km

It faces south on the Channel of Sicily and is bordered to the north by the Province of Catania in the north-west with the province of Caltanissetta, to the east with the Province of Syracuse.
The city is spread in the south-west of the mountains Iblei, on dell'Irminio valley.
He shared a very extended from the sea to the hill: it is between the towns lapped by the sea that have the highest vertical drop.
The city is divided into two distinct areas: Lower Ragusa (the ancient Ibla) and Ragusa Superiore, separated from the "Valley of the Bridges". It is an active industrial center (asphalt and oil).
The ancient Hybla was Byzantine castle, conquered by the Arabs nell'848; It was the site of the eleventh century the county.
The city shows a different urban structure linked to past events: Due to a catastrophic earthquake in 1693 proceeded to the reconstruction of the Old City in the same place the original (Ibla) and the construction of the first buildings that formed the nucleus of Ragusa New .
Ragusa, the old town center, it is decidedly medieval and baroque urban characteristics, with an eighteenth-century plan.
The new center, less rich in monumental characters, you have instead of a network of modern type, with wide streets and symmetrical.

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Province of Ragusa

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