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Wednesday October 18 2017
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Metropolitan city Messina

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- 108 Italian municipalities
- Population: 653.731 inhabitants
- Surface: 3.248,27 sq km
- Density: 201 inhabitants per square km

It faces north across the Tyrrhenian Sea to the east of the Strait of Messina, which separates it from the mainland and the Ionian Sea, bordered to the west by the Province of Palermo and on the south by the provinces of Enna and Catania.
The city is spread between the sea and the mountains Peloritani.
It grows mainly in the longitudinal direction along the coast of the eponymous Strait seamlessly from Giampilieri Marina in Capo Peloro for about 30 km.
It is home, with its natural harbor, interest business.
Formerly Zancle called, he was already inhabited before the Greek colonization (730 BC). In the 264 BC the Romans conquered it.
After the Roman Empire was ruled first by the Byzantines and then the Arabs.
In 1060 it was conquered by the Normans.
It reached great prosperity under the dominion Swabian, Angevin and Aragonese and became with Palermo, capital of the Kingdom of Sicily.
In the 1674 he rebelled against Spain and he subsequently suffered repression.
It was struck by a severe earthquake in the first 1783.
He became part of the Kingdom of Italy nel1860.
In the 1908 another earthquake completely destroyed the city.

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Metropolitan city Messina

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