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Sunday October 22 2017
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Metropolitan city Catania

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- 58 Italian municipalities
- Population: 1.095.103 inhabitants
- Surface: 3.553,42 sq km
- Density: 308 inhabitants per square km

It faces east over the Ionian Sea and is bordered to the north by the Province of Messina, on the west by the provinces of Enna and Caltanissetta, and on the south by the provinces of Ragusa and Siracusa.
Baroque City sort the slopes of Etna on the Ionian Sea.
It is a particularly active active industrial and commercial center for the presence of an efficient port.
It was a colony calcidese already in 729 BC, in the fifth century BC belonged to the Syracusans and then was conquered by the Romans in 263 BC
From then on, the city enjoyed a period of great splendor to the imperial and Byzantine rule.
Among the various dominations it was occupied by the Spanish.
It was devastated in 1669 from a terrible eruption of Mount Etna and the 1693 the earthquake.

List of Municipalities of the Metropolitan City:

Metropolitan city Catania

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