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Sunday October 22 2017
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Province of Caltanissetta

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- 22 Italian municipalities
- Population: 271.466 inhabitants
- Surface: 2.129,98 sq km
- Density: 127 inhabitants per square km

It faces south on the Channel of Sicily and west borders with the Province of Agrigento, on the north by the provinces of Palermo and Enna and to the east with the Provinces of Province of Catania and Ragusa.
The city is spread in the upper Salso valley, also home to agricultural activities, is known for the extraction and sulfur commercialization.
It already existed in pre-Greek times, it was Nissa call and then renamed by the Arabs Caltanissetta, adding the term Kalat (castle) to the existing name.
In the eleventh century it was conquered by Ruggero Normanno and then passed to his son Jordan.
The Aragonese turned it into the county, at the end of the thirteenth century it passed to the domination of Lancia and the 1406 the Moncada and then follow all the vicissitudes of the kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

List of Municipalities of the Province:

Province of Caltanissetta

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Province of Caltanissetta

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