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Thursday April 19 2018
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Amaretti sardi 2

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  • 1 kg of sweet almond
  • 300 g bitter almonds
  • 1,200-1,300 kg of sugar (according to what you want them to cakes)
  • The 4-5 lemon peel
  • 10-12 egg whites (depending on egg size)
  • Sugar for the coverage qs

Normally they buy shelled almonds but with their brown peel, then the first stage of the preparation of the macaroons, provides for the peeling of almonds, after having quickly "blanched" in boiling water. After being peeled and made it to dry (possibly prepare the day before and on the trays are left to air, or if you hurry you can put for a few minutes in warm oven), are finely chopped, then inside a large bowl go added to the sugar, the grated rind of lemons and well mixed with hands until obtaining a slurry of the consistency of wet flour and let stand storing it in the bowl covered with a towel, for the whole night.
The next morning, the first thing you turn on the oven to maximum temperature and begin to heat it. In the mixture of chopped almonds and sugar egg whites are incorporated required to obtain the final dough will be soft, compact and "sticky."
That done, it prepares a bowl of water and after having moistened hands, are initiated to take large pieces of dough a little more 'than a walnut, which will be passed through the hands to make the balls, making sure they do not take a form irregular, or that your fingers will leave holes. In a tray covered with more sugar, recline as the balls, that with a slight finger pressure flatten slightly to make you stick sugar.
So Arrange the balls in baking pan, preferably on a sheet of "cartaforno", resting them on the back unsweetened adequately by spacing between them because, during baking, macaroons take volume.
At this point you can start the batch of the first pan, after having lowered the temperature to about 170-180 ° C and leave to cook for the necessary time that can only be quantified with time and experience. The important thing is to keep an eye on the oven, checking that the macaroons, once swollen and with the surface that is on a "crack", do not become darker than a warm honey-brown color.
Obviously, in the meantime that the first batch is cooking, prepare for the next and so on in rotation until the dough. After cooling down the obtained macaroons, that must have an overlying crust, shiny and crunchy, and a heart soft, you will have to dispose of a large basket of woven straw or out of the cardboard trays, without overlapping each other, to prevent it attack and then you ruin.

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