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Sunday October 22 2017
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What to see in Siena

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Discover with us the things to see and do absolutely during a visit to Siena.
On this page we present a selection of our tourist attractions and places of interest in historical or artistic character, worthy of a visit.
Knowing what to see Siena in a day it can be helpful to schedule a simple tourist or vacation.

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What to see in Siena - 17 results

Torre del Mangia - in Siena (Tuscany)
Siena SI

The Torre del Mangia is located in Piazza del Campo in Siena and was the "bell tower" lay of the Town Hall. It is named after the ...
Antiporto di Camollia -, in Siena (Tuscany)
Siena SI

The so-called Antiporto of Camollia is a fortification of Siena, located in Piazza Saracini. Built in 1270 to provide additional ...

Piccolomini Library - in Siena (Tuscany)
Siena SI

In the left aisle of the cathedral, a marble prospectus decorated with classic taste reliefs by Lorenzo di Mariano said "Marrina" introduces us ...
Palazzo Comunale or Palazzo Pubblico - in Siena (Tuscany)
Siena SI

The town hall of Siena (also called Public Palace) is the palace built by the Government of the Republic of Siena at the beginning of the fourteenth ...

Piazza del Campo - in Siena (Tuscany)
Siena SI

Piazza del Campo is the main square of the city of Siena, in Tuscany. Famous for its shell-shaped, it is ...
Fonte Gaia - in Siena (Tuscany)
Siena SI

Fortezza Medicea - in Siena (Tuscany)
Siena SI
- Freedom Square

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