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Sabato 17 Febbraio 2018
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What to see in Bergamo

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Discover with us the things to see and do absolutely during a visit to Bergamo.
On this page we present a selection of our tourist attractions and places of interest in historical or artistic character, worthy of a visit.
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La Rocca di Bergamo
La Rocca di Bergamo -, in Bergamo (Lombardy)
Bergamo BG
- Via della Rocca

The Fortress of Bergamo is located in the upper part of the city on the hill of Sant'Eufemia, from which it dominates, towards the south, the lower city and the surrounding plain while towards the north it looks at the Orobie crown. The construction of the fortress ...

Piazza Vecchia
Piazza Vecchia - in Bergamo (Lombardy)
Bergamo BG

The square, together with the adjacent one of the Duomo, is the heart of Bergamo. It was defined in its current contours between the 1440 and the 1493, through a complex demolition of pre-existing medieval buildings. At the center ...

La Funicolare per Città Alta
The Funicular to Upper Town - at Bergamo (Lombardy)
Bergamo BG

The funicular of Bergamo Alta is one of the two ski cable car in the city of Bergamo. Built back in 1887, connecting the Upper Town, located on the hill, to the city center. After a long debate about the media more ...

Palazzo Nuovo - Biblioteca Angelo Mai
Palazzo Nuovo - Biblioteca Angelo Mai - in Bergamo (Lombardy)
Bergamo BG

The Palazzo Nuovo, as it is called, is the work of the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi, (Vicenza, 1448 or 1552 - Venice, 1616), while the entrance loggia, which lightens the façade, was designed by the architect Andrea Ceresola, called ...

Torre Civica (Campanone)
Torre Civica (Campanone) -, in Bergamo (Lombardy)
Bergamo BG

The best known and most frequented part of Bergamo Alta is Piazza Vecchia, where you can admire the Civic Tower (called the Campanone), which still today at 22 hours 100 body shells - those who in the past announced the closure ...

Le Mura Venete di Bergamo Alta
The Walls of Bergamo Alta - in Bergamo (Lombardy)
Bergamo BG

The Venetian Walls of Bergamo are an imposing architectural construction dating back to the 16th century. The structure, which over the years has undergone few modifications, has a development of six kilometers and two hundred meters, outside the ...

Teatro Gaetano Donizetti
Teatro Gaetano Donizetti - in Bergamo (Lombardy)
Bergamo BG
- Piazza Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour

The Donizetti Theater of Bergamo was founded towards the end of the eighteenth century with the name of Teatro Nuovo or Teatro di Fiera in an area used as a fair. The area where the theater now stands was presented to the traveler of the time as a set of shacks of ...

Castello di San Vigilio
Castle of San Vigilio -, in Bergamo (Lombardy)
Bergamo BG
- Via Colle San Vigilio

The Castle of San Vigilio is located on the hill of the same name, in the northern part of the upper city of Bergamo. Located at a height of about 496 meters above sea level, it is a building that has always been set up to defend the city's hills ...

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Castello di Albano Sant'Alessandro
Albano Sant'Alessandro Castle - Albano Sant'Alessandro (Lombardy)

Albano Sant'Alessandro
(4,1 Km. From Bergamo)
Torre San Giovanni
Torre San Giovanni - detached in Costa di Mezzate (Lombardy)

Costa di Mezzate
(5,9 Km. From Bergamo)

Castello Camozzi Vertova
Castle Camozzi Vertova - in Costa di Mezzate (Lombardy)

Costa di Mezzate
(6,2 Km. From Bergamo)
Castello Martinengo Colleoni
Castello Martinengo Colleoni - in Cavernago (Lombardy)

(6,9 Km. From Bergamo)

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