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Wednesday April 25 2018
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Traditional festivals / fairs in Ravenna (RA)
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Emilia Romagna - Italy

On this page we present a selection of traditional festivals, patron festivals and food and wine festivals.
Selecting a province or another municipality, you get a list of festivals and traditional festivals that take place in their territory.

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Events - Some festivals and festivals

Found 2 Events a Ravenna

Art & Ciocc 2013
Art & Ciocc 2013 - in Ravenna (Emilia Romagna)

Event Period:

Ravenna RA

Art & Ciocc 2013 Piazza San Francesco, Ravenna When: Thursday 7 - Sunday November 10 2013 hours: 10.00 - ...

Events: festivals and fairs a Ravenna

Eventi, feste tradizionali e sagre

Other interesting events taking place around Ravenna!

(Distances are to be understood "as the crow flies.")

Festa della donazione della Santa Spina
the gift of the Holy Thorn party - Montone (Umbria)

(2,3 Km. From Ravenna)
Festa del bosco
Feast of the forest - in Montone (Umbria)

(2,3 Km. From Ravenna)

Festa di San Gregorio
Feast of St. Gregory - Patronal Festival in Montone (Umbria)
patronal feast

Event Period: 12 March

(2,3 Km. From Ravenna)
Festa di San Marco
St. Mark's Day - Patronal Festival in Gambellara (Veneto)
patronal feast

(10,4 Km. From Ravenna)

Info Municipalities near Ravenna
(Distances are to be understood "as the crow flies.")
Montone (2,3 km)
Gambellara (10,4 km)
Russi (14,2 km)
Alfonsine (15,0 km)
Bagnacavallo (15,8 km)
Durazzano (16,3 km)
Fusignano (20,5 km)
Cotignola (21,5 km)
Cervia (23,7 km)
Lugo (23,8 km)

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(Distances are to be understood "as the crow flies.")
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Pro Loco, APT, IAT - Tourist information offices

IAT Ravenna

Information office - tourist reception
c/o URP Piazza Caduti per la Libertà, 2
Tel 011 6485288

IAT Teodorico

Information office - tourist reception
via Delle Industrie, 14
Tel 011 6485288

Info Point Classe

Tourist Service
via Romea Sud, 266
Tel 011 6485288
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