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Puglia Museums and exhibitions

List of Italian museums, devoted to the collection, public or private, of objects relative to one or more sectors of culture (including, in particular, by tradition, art), science and technology.

On this page we present a selection of exhibitions and museums Italian, From here you can directly access to the individual presentation.

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Museums Puglia

Galleria Nazionale della PugliaJerome and Rosaria Devanna
Bitonto (BA)
Museo Comunale Storico-
Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA)
Museo Diocesano-
Andria (BT)

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Puglia - Museums and exhibits in evidence

- Andria (BT)

The Museum of the Sugar Plum John Mucci property is located in an ancient stone building, in Art Nouveau style, in Gammarrota, 12, owned by the family Mucci. In environments of the various rooms are described by a ...

- Palmariggi (LE)

The Museum of Shell and Coral is a corner of the sea a few kilometers from Otranto, Palmariggi, joined them among the most beautiful villages in Italy. In the halls of a former mill in the heart of the historical center, ...

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