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Sunday October 22 2017
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Metropolitan city Torino

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- 315 Italian municipalities
- Population: 2.302.246 inhabitants
- Surface: 6.833,79 sq km
- Density: 336 inhabitants per square km


Treat yourself to a weekend in the Charming City in the province of Turin
Places to discover in their own unique charm territories to live in peace and quiet atmospheres to share with those you love ...
Aglie Avigliana Carmagnola, Chieri, Chivasso, Cirie, Giaveno, Ivrea, Moncalieri, Pinerolo, Rivoli, Susa, a short walk from Turin, the quiet beauty of small towns is at hand for a nice relaxing weekend away from the hustle bustle of everyday life.
The Town House, rich in tradition and precious art treasures, give unforgettable moments, from walks through the vineyards tasting typical, from bike rides to the historical monuments, from trips on lakes and rivers to cultural events.

Small companies with great charm
To know, admire and enjoy these lovely resorts, Turin and Province offers you the ideal opportunity to stay in a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere at really affordable prices.
Discover the many attractions and activities offered, choose from the hotels, restaurants, shops and create your own mini-holiday with charm.

List of Municipalities of the Metropolitan City:

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Metropolitan city Torino

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