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Saturday October 21 2017
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Province of Fermo

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- 40 Italian municipalities
- Population: 177.914 inhabitants
- Surface: 859,73 sq km
- Density: 206 inhabitants per square km

The Fermo, a territory that extends from the sea (25 km of coastline on the Adriatic Sea), the blue mountains (the Sibillini chain), through an unknown number of hills, at the top of 37 of them arise as many castles, villages medieval cities that form the territory of the new province of Fermo.

A territory rich in history, culture and traditions that through the centuries has been able to keep pace with the times, to the globalization of the markets, always firm, however, from its origins to its roots, which are now an added value, above all Under the tourist aspect.

An area yet to be discovered, given the immense riches kept in 40 municipalities that comprise it, upstream of which, unfortunately, still unknown even to the Fermo who knows him well.
So let us figure out, the many tourists who year by year visit our coast, who are no longer just to sunbathe and take a bath in the waters of the Adriatic, but above all to discover the hinterland, up to the mountain.

A continuous discovery of priceless treasures, from theaters to art galleries which houses paintings by local artists (Licini of all, to name one), frescoes and Roman archaeological sites Picenes.
Then again, talking about traditions, folklore, ancient crafts and wine and food with products of absolute excellence from pasta to wine, from oil to salami to finish with the cheeses typical of the territory.
And yet, Fermano is a land of excellence in both industry and crafts, with the two districts of international significance: that of footwear and that of the hat.

Tourists who wish, therefore, where he lived and savored the history of this wonderful land, will visitane the many farm shops and bring home, even in this case, to wear garments unique.

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Province of Fermo

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