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Saturday October 21 2017
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Province of Ascoli Piceno

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- 33 Italian municipalities
- Population: 213.866 inhabitants
- Surface: 1.228,79 sq km
- Density: 174 inhabitants per square km

The surface area of ​​the Province of Ascoli Piceno is slightly higher than 2.000 sq. km.
The area has a predominantly mountainous with its mountains Carrier, Sybil and Montagna dei Fiori which characterize the Adriatic coast of the Marche region.
The group of the Sibyl, according to some, takes its name from Sabellini or Sabelli who inhabited these lands.
According to legend, the Apennine Sibyl lived in the famous cave still exists in these mountains.

In the territory flows the river Tronto to a path of 75 km.
Provincial capital is the city of Ascoli Piceno (seat of the Prefecture, the Episcopal seat, Civil Court Criminal, Inland Revenue, Military District).
Traces of civilization Piceno important and rich necropolis.
Located on the Tronto, about 30 Km from the Adriatic, was subdued to Rome with the entire Piceno territory in 268 a. C.

When the Romans knew these lands, he seized the welfare and wealth considering the special places for recreation and subsistence.
At first, as seasonal guests, then through ever-sumptuous houses and villas, they imposed themselves for the prestige of being citizens of the capital of much of Italy.
They built temples, tanks, taverns, monuments and tombs.
Over the years 16 15-in. C., by order of Emperor Augustus, the Salaria, a little more than a trail, was elevated to the rank of Consular Road.

Rolling hills are the ridges of the right and left of the river Tronto on which there are the towns of Castel di Lama, Colli del Tronto, Spinetoli, Monsampolo, Monteprandone, Appin, Offida, Acquasanta Arquata.

Important figures of art, literature and science have honored the name: Cecco d'Ascoli, Ferdinando Cicconi, Giulio and Ignazio Cantalamessa and others.
Land rich in traditions, sights, tastes and flavors. Great and famous, the resort area of ​​S. Benedetto del Tronto.

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List of Municipalities of the Province:

Province of Ascoli Piceno

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