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Wednesday October 18 2017
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Province of Pavia

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- 188 Italian municipalities
- Population: 555.685 inhabitants
- Surface: 2.957,11 sq km
- Density: 187 inhabitants per square km

As is well-known, the territory of the Province is divided into three areas: the Pavese, Lomellina and Oltrepò, each with its own characteristics, each with its own history, each with its own tradition.

The Pavese
A single quote: The Certosa di Pavia, just a few kilometers from Pavia and Milan, a beautiful monument built by the will of Gian Galeazzo Visconti in 1396.
Unique itineraries are offered by the natural environment: in the park of the small castle, the Oasis of Sant'Alessio, represents a place of absolute beauty and presence of many species of animals, both indigenous and exotic. Storks are also housed.

The Lomellina
It has its capital city in Vigevano, which has an architectural system of the historic center of great charm with the ducal square on which the tower, the imposing castle and the background of the duomo facade with the Museum and its treasury are insisted.
In the countryside the rice fields connotate the natural environment and few castles give fascination to the land.

The OltrepÃ
Flat and hilly area is famous for its wines, with major centers such as Broni Stradella, Casteggio, and other minor towns of great historic interest and scenic.
The whole area is a destination for cultural and gastronomic excursions.
A Romagnese the Alpine Botanical Garden of Pietracorva, sees the presence of native plants and exogenous Thanks to the special microclimate also houses plants from Tibet, the Andes, from North America, from the Pyrenees etc..

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Province of Pavia

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