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Saturday October 21 2017
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Province of Frosinone

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- 91 Italian municipalities
- Population: 498.167 inhabitants
- Surface: 3.244,50 sq km
- Density: 153 inhabitants per square km

the "Ciociaria", Due to its geographical position, but also for the wealth of historical, naturalistic and environmental evidence in the area, the friendliness and hospitality of its people, it seems very attractive.

In a succession of nature and culture, a succession of surprises related to the testimony of this ancient land and ingenuity of the men who lived there, routes, different and original, designed in an area, still largely unknown to tourists, quite charming and worth discovering.

Archaeological sites, fortresses and castles, monasteries and abbeys, baths, green nature routes are intertwined with the genuine flavor of simple traditional food and wine, rich and generous that it is able to satisfy the palate of the most demanding gourmet, with original artistic artefacts, with traditional and folk festivals that in Ciociaria find their most suitable frame.

A province in which art, history and nature are integrated into a fascinating mix which is at the same time, travel motivation, relaxing opportunities, journeys through time, the rediscovery of memory, real culture of physical and psychic.

List of Municipalities of the Province:

Province of Frosinone

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Province of Frosinone

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