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Friday 17 August 2018
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90129 Palermo
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General Information

Nation: Italy
capital City: Palermo
9 provinces
390 Municipality
surface: 25.472,21 sq km
Population: 4.997.036 inhabitants
Density: 196 inhabitants per square km

Sicily, the island of a thousand colors, "volcanic earth" dominated by Etna with its characteristic plume of smoke, a region rich in art and culture.

From Messina, "port of Sicily" to sucker Trapani, is a succession of important archaeological sites.
Without forgetting the beautiful Aeolian Islands, the Egadi, the solitary Ustica, Lampedusa and Linosa, surrounding from end to the main island.
Ancient treasures, but also the crystal clear sea teeming with fish, a favorite destination for many divers, the sun, "faithful companion" of the region and the beautiful beaches.

And yet, the very fine ceramics, true works of art.
And for those who love cooking, so many traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation closely matched perhaps wines, famous throughout the world.
Do not miss the sweets and the traditional cassata with almonds, all the while sipping sweet wine.

Sicily a place where you will not forget and will want to return again.
Sicily is an autonomous region with special status, belonging to the Islands.
With its 25.832 km & sup2; It is the largest region of Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.
The history of Sicily has been influenced by many rulers who have passed on its soil.

Due to its geographical location, right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has played a role of some importance in the historical events that have had players like the peoples of the mare nostrum.

The succession of various civilizations has enriched the Sicily of urban settlements, monuments and relics of the past that make the region one of the privileged places where history can be relived through the images of the signs that the time has not eliminated and has been passed down to this day.

Sicily's north overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, to the east is divided from Italy by the Strait of Messina and is washed by the Ionian Sea to the southwest is divided from Africa by the Strait of Sicily.
It has a form "triangular" whose vertices are: Cape Pelorus (or Punta del Faro) to Messina, at the north-eastern Cape Boeo (or Lilibeo) in Marsala, at the north-western Cape Passero in Portobalo, at the top south.
For the triangular shape, Sicily in ancient times was called Trinacria and Triquetra.

Because of its location, the region and the surrounding islands are affected by intense volcanic activity.
The most important volcanoes: Etna, Stromboli and Vulcano, and have the singularity to be of three different types:

»Eruptions of basaltic lava interrupted by periods of calm the first
"Continuous eruptions, and lava fountains, the second, whose characteristics were taken as a typological model by industry scientists who coined the term Strombolian type to designate similar activities of terrestrial volcanoes
Finally, explosive or gasy third, characterized by long periods of apparent calm and violent eruptions.

Also please note that the eruptive activity in the nineteenth century, in the area of ​​the Strait of Sicily today named bench Graham, led to the birth ephemeral island Ferdinandea.

The territory of Sicily also includes several smaller islands, such as the Aeolian or Lipari and Ustica to the north, and that of Egadi the west and to the south, the islands of Pantelleria, Lampedusa, Linosa, and other minor.
The archipelago which includes the island of Malta is geographically (but not politically) an integral part of Sicily.
Malta, however, was politically united with Sicily until 1798, when it was occupied (about two years) by Napoleon Bonaparte.
The Pelagie Islands, however, are geographically linked to Tunisia, but politically part of the province of Agrigento.

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